10W Solar Panel and Stake

10W Solar Panel and Stake
10W Solar Panel and Stake 10W Solar Panel and Stake 10W Solar Panel and Stake 10W Solar Panel and Stake
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10 watt solar panel with stake perfect for "in field" charging of electric fence batteries. Supplied with everything required for quick and easy connection to a 12V battery.

  • High efficiency crystalline cell for “all weather” charging
  • Perfect for year round charging of electric fencing batteries in the field (ideal for batteries from 75Ah* to 110Ah capacity)
  • Can be used for a wide range of 12 battery maintenance applications including Gas Banger / bird scarer batteries
  • Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use
  • Sturdy, zinc plated metal stake with foot peg to aid insertion
  • Solar panel has in built diode to protect against battery discharge
  • 2 year warranty

Great for charging electric fence energisers whilst in use in the field, our 10 Watt Solar Panel and Stake provides a daily trickle feed of power maintaining and extending the life of any 12 volt battery. As a minimum this 10W solar panel will extend periods between mains charges of electric fencing batteries and in many cases, depending on energiser power consumption and time of year, will negate the need to take the battery for mains charging at all.

The sturdy zinc plated metal stake with its built in handle and foot peg makes it easy to position and move the solar panel as required.

Typical Uses

The 10W solar panel stake kit is an ideal solar trickle charger for any 12V battery and is commonly used for the following

  • "in situ" charging of electric fence batteries (will extend periods between/ negate need for mains charging of battery)
  • "in situ" charging of gas banger and electric bird scarer batteries (will extend periods between/ negate need for mains charging of battery)
  • small off grid lighting projects
  • vehicle battery maintenance
  • charging caravans and boat 12V leisure / starting batteries

Simply insert the solar panel stake into the ground (facing the solar panel towards the midday sun for highest output) and connect the solar panel to the 12v battery you want to charge using the crocodile clips provided (or hardwire if you prefer).  

Whats included?
  • 10W Solar Panel for 12V battery charging with built-in blocking diode to prevent discharge of battery at night
  • Zinc plated metal stake with foot peg to aid insertion into ground
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts to fix solar panel to stake
  • 5m 1mm 2 core cable (to run from solar panel to battery)
  • Ring connectors pre fitted on cable to allow quick and easy connection
  • In-line fuse holder and 5A fuse
  • Installation instructions

The 10 watt solar panel kit supplies everything required to connect up quickly and easily to your 12V battery.

Extra cable if required can be ordered by the meter here (if you order additional cable it will added to the single 5m length already included up to a maximum of 30m) : 12V 1mm 2 core cable.

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 10 watts Peak
  • Output: 660mAh @ 16.8V
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: 397 x 278 x 25mm (may vary - please ask if critical), Weight: 1.4kg (may vary - please ask if critical)
  • Stake Dimensions: 800mm x 300mm, Weight: 1.6Kg

* If connecting to a battery of less than 85Ah with no electric fence (or other appliance) attached to it, a charge controller may be required to prevent battery damage through over charging. If you do have an electric fence energiser working from the battery the solar panel is connected to a charge controller is NOT required. If you are unsure please contact us for friendly help and advice (we will even offer it in plain English!).

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