20W Solar Charger for Electric Fence Battery

20W Solar Charger for Electric Fence Battery
20W Solar Charger for Electric Fence Battery 20W Solar Charger for Electric Fence Battery
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This powerful 20W solar charger is perfect for charging and maintenance of 12V electric fence batteries. The powerful 20W panel means it can also be used in partially-shaded areas where other solar chargers would be inadequate.

  • Charge your electric fence battery in situ with solar power!
  • Extends battery life
  • 20W aluminium framed, glass fronted solar panel
  • Integral solar charger controller to protect against battery damage through overcharging 
  • Can be used anywhere there is sunshine - no mains electricity required
  • Can be used with all types of 12V vehicle / leisure battery (wet lead acid, AGM and gel)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Quick and easy to connect/disconnect

Safe for your battery!

The beauty of this 12V solar charger is that it comes with a pre-installed charge controller (regulator) that eliminates any risk of damaging your battery through overcharging. This means that you can have a larger, more powerful 20W solar panel, that will be adequate for winter maintenance charging of 12V batteries up to 200Ah capacity, and that you can leave it connected, even to smaller capacity batteries, all of the time, even through mid summer without fear of overcharging your battery. Many small 12V solar chargers do not incorporate a charge controller and as a result have a lower wattage solar panel that may not be adequate to meet your maintenance charging requirements. The inclusion of the charge controller allows you to simply connect up and forget until you next come to use your vehicle.

12V Solar Charger for medium sized electric fence energiser batteries

The 20W panel is useful for small, medium and large enegrisers and fencing runs. Or for small to medium electric fence systems where you cannot position the solar charger in an ideal un-shaded, south facing position. Smaller solar chargers are likely to be underpowered when positioned in a less than perfect position.

12V Solar Charger Kit Contents

The charger comes fully assembled with everything required for quick and simple DIY installation.  

  • 1 x 20W solar panel 
  • 1 x Solar charge controller bonded to the back of solar panel
  • 4 x 50mm "Z" Mounts for permanent solar panel mounting
  • 3.5m cable from back of solar panel to battery
  • Crocodile clip connectors and weatherproof fuse 

The solar panel and charge controller are fully weatherproof and can be permanently mounted outdoors even in exposed locations.

You just need to connect the lead to your 12V battery and install/position the solar panel. The solar panel can be screwed or bolted to any flat surface (4 screws and plugs are supplied but you must ascertain suitability of fixing method according to mounting surface and location).

A longer cable between solar panel and battery can be provided to suit your requirements - please contact us for a price.

Solar Panel Mounting

The kit is supplied with a set of four "Z" mounts to be attached to the frame using the bolts supplied. These are ideal for attaching to a timber fence or home made timber mounting structure. We recommend using the supplied Z mounts if you are mounting to a flat surface such as a wall as the regulator protrudes beyond the back of the solar panel frame by approx 19mm (see dimensions below).

Please note that we assemble these kits ourselves using quality components and offer full technical help and back-up. We are always happy to customise kits according to customers needs so please get in touch if you have specific requirements.


Solar Panel & Regulator dimensions 552mm L x 354mm W x  44mm D (please note dimensions subject to changes - if crictical please ask before ordering)


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