30W LED Floodlight

30W LED Floodlight
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Product Info :  

This 230V AC floodlight has a single LED and provides an excellent amount of light for just 30W. 

  • Single High Power 30Watt SMT LED Module
  • Extremely low power consumption of 30W
  • Input voltage 85V to 260V AC 
  • 5mm High Strength Clear Glass
  • High quality die cast aluminum casing
  • Lens Beam Angle 120 degree
  • Luminous Flux (LM) : Cool White 2300 - 2400 Lumen
  • Degree K : Cool White 6000-7000K 
  • IP65 Rated
Powerful 230V AC LED Floodlight 

Perfect for street lighting and lighting large barns, yards, parking areas etc.

12V DC Worklight 

Also works well as a portable work light for use in the field powered from a vehicle's 12V battery via a small inverter - great for utilities companies, farmers, mechanics etc.

We also have a 12V DC 10W LED floodlight  that is ideal for this purpose.

Exterior LED Floodlighting 

Unusually for an LED, the light spreads very naturally and as you would expect is thrown a good distance. Often LED lights have a defined edge to the lit area - this is not the case with this light.

High Efficiency 

Despite it's low power consumption of just 30W, this LED floodlight can be used as a good alternative to a "standard" 500W halogen floodlight and uses less than a 16th of the energy. These LED floodlights cost more at the outset but if the light is used every night (say on average 10 hours per night) it will pay for itself within 1 year. An additional advantage is that you don't have the hassle or expense of replacing blown halogen bulbs. 

Off Grid LED Floodlighting 

We have used these lights very succesfully to light large barns and parking areas in off grid locations as part of an off grid solar power lighting system.

You could run one of these lights from a fully charged 12V 85Ah leisure battery via an inverter for 13 hours continually without damaging the battery (assumes 50% battery discharge)!

For a reliable 1 hour of winter use a day you would only need a renewable energy system based on a 40W solar panel to keep the battery topped up from the sun.


Unit is similar in size to a standard mains 500W halogen floodlight.

Product dimensions : Length:225mm Height:186mm 

Available on a sale or return basis - please contact for details. 

For help or advice, about how this light can work for you please contact Bill by e-mail or phone (see contact us page).



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