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Posted by in Ask Bill on Jul 12, 2016 .

Customer question (received via email 22nd June 2016):

Hi, I am considering buying a solar trickle charger for my BMW M3 CSL as I keep the car outside and like the idea of having a charger that doesn't need to be connected to the mains.  The battery on the car is a lightweight one (12V 55Ah).  I would like to mount the solar panel in the car (not outside) and have it plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. 

Could you recommend the best charger for my needs?


Willgen Reply (Email from Bill 22nd June 2016):

Hi Graham, many thanks for getting in touch.
If you want to keep the solar panel in the car and...

Posted by in Ask Bill on Jun 15, 2016 .

Customer Question (received via email 14th June 2016):

I am wanting to buy a solar panel to trickle charge my campervan battery plus a solar charge controller. My battery lable is as follows- 12v 74Ah 750A(EN). What combination would you recommend? I live in the north of Scotland.
Many thanks,

Willgen Reply (Email from Bill 14th June 2016):

Hi Kay, many thanks for getting in touch.

To maintain your battery (assuming there are no continuous loads such as an alarm) I would recommend you use a 10W solar panel provided it can be positioned in an un-shaded, south facing position at an angle of 35 to 90 degrees from the...

Posted by in Ask Bill on Mar 01, 2016 .

Customer Question (received via email 1st March 2016):

Hello, I'm interested in buying one of your BP 10 watt 12 volt panels. Id like it to keep a 12 volt 74 ah battery charged that will be hooked up to some led pathway lighting. Can I wire the panel directly to the battery? Thanks

Willgen Reply (Email from Bill 1st March 2016):

Hi, many thanks for getting in touch.

Rather than wiring the panel direct to the battery, I would recommend installing a charge controller between the solar panel and battery to protect the battery from damage through overcharging. The charge controller will also prevent battery drain back to the panel...

Posted by in Ask Bill on Jan 20, 2016 .

Customer question (received by email 15th January 2016):

I am interested in a solar battery charger which would be mounted on an outside wall of a garage to keep a 2008 VW Beetle battery charged. Does the charger come with mounting brackets and if a longer cable is ordered does it affect the charge.
Thank you Steve

Willgen Reply (email from Bill sent 18th January 2016):

Hi Steve, many thanks for getting in touch.

I am assuming you are looking at the 5W or 10W charger:

  5W Solar Panel Kit

  10W Solar Panel Kit

The solar panels have four pre-drilled holes in the back of the aluminuim frame to aid mounting and the

Posted by in Stables and Barns on Mar 16, 2015 .

We now have stock of solar panel stakes ideal for equestrian and farm use to solar charge electric fencing batteries. They can also be used effectively to keep 12V gas banger/bird scarer batteries charged up.

The stakes are available separately to use with your own solar panel or come supplied as a kit with a 5W or 10W solar panel and everything you need for quick and easy connection to yoru 12V battery.

The steel are sturdily built and are zinc plated to prevent rust formation. The stakes simply push into the ground using the footpeg and handle.

The benefit of solar charging your electric fence battery is that you will not have...

Posted by in Solar Lights and Chargers on Nov 24, 2014 .

The Evo SMD solar security light is the latest in our range of solar security lights. A quality LED floodlight coupled with an integral battery, PIR motion sensor and solar panel the Evo SMD provides an unparalleled amount of light and reliability.

If you need an outdoor, motion activated light in a location that has no mains power, or you simply want an easy DIY installation without the need for an electrician the Evo SMD is the solution!

This light has excellent water resistance being IP56 rated and is suitable for use in even the most exposed outdoor positions.

The PIR motion sensor can be adjusted to activate the light for...

Posted by in Solar Lights and Chargers on Mar 25, 2014 .

Solar garden lights are a great way to bring your garden to life at night. They can add an instant magical feel to outdoor spaces and are relatively cheap and simple to install. 

Mains powered garden lights on the other hand require significant disruption and expense to install with cables to bury and electricians to pay!

So, if you have decided that solar garden lights are the way forward for you, here are a few simple tips to help you get the most from your solar garden lights.

  1. Position your solar garden light so that they can benefit from the most sunshine possible. It is not always possible to get the ideal position for...

Posted by in Eco Products, Stables and Barns on Nov 04, 2013 .

Stables and field shelters are often located in fields some distance form any mains electrical power.

Checking horses before and after work often mean working in the dark, particuarly in the winter months.

Lights powered by solar panels  do not need any mains electric and can provide all the light that you need.

The chepest option is to go for something like a SolarMate Point 5   or Vortex Solar Shed Light , however, these do have limited run times and output particularly in mid winter when you need most light. Many customers get around this by purchasing 2 solar lights and using them alternate days.

A better  solution is to...

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