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Astron! The Ultimate Solar Security Light Is Here!

Posted by in Eco Products, Solar Lights and Chargers on Sep 03, 2012 . .

There is a huge array of solar security lights  on the market, some good, although unfortunately, all too many bad. 

Rest assured that Ecofreak have tested lots of solar security lights  over the years and we only sell those that we feel are good quality and able to perform as indicated. Unfortunately some of our competitors seem less concerned about the quality of the lights that they sell.

Making the right choice is difficult if you are not in the know and making the choice can be critical if you really need to rely on the light.

If mains power is not readily available or is some distance away it can be an expensive route to install a mains electricity powered security light. Often a good solar security light will work perfectly well, but people are cautious because they are put off by the unknown quality and performance.

Well now you can buy the best boxed solar security light with confidence! The Astron64 is designed with UK wintertime performance in mind. A high powered LED floodlight is powered from a substantial battery and solar panel. Best of all the light is IP56 rated meaining it is totally resistant to the worst the UK weather can throw at it and can be installed in the most exposed of spots.

If you need a solar security light you can rely on to light the way time after time, all year around look no further than the Astron64 Solar Security Light!

To see full details and purchase click here : Astron64 Solar Security Light .


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