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Posted by in Boats and Campers on Aug 14, 2013 .

Solar panels are great battery chargers. If you are getting your boat, caravan or camper van ready for the summer, why not go the full hog and fit those solar panels  you've been thinking about?

Solar panels  are ideal for battery charging duties on boats and leisure vehicles for the following reasons :

  • Solar power is free and abundant, even in the UK
  • Up to six times more solar power in mid summer than mid winter - a perfect match for winter battery maintenance and summer use
  • Solar panels  are proven, robust and maintenance free
  • Solar panels  are easy to fit and in obtrusive
  • Solar panels  are totally silent 

The Spectralite range of Spectra Semi-flexible solar panels  offer marine quality along with reliability and affordability.

The Spectra 30W  is our most popular semi-flexible solar panel  and although suited to a wide variety of off grid power projects is most commonly purchased for battery charging duties on yachts, boats and camper vans.

If you need the very best, we also stock Sunware Marine Solar Panels  and, of course all of the balance of system components you may require. 

If you are looking for a compact semi-flexible solar panel for your project please get in touch for friendly help and...

Putting a motorcycle, car, vehicle, caravan or boat away for winter or have a vehicle that is not used for long periods of time? 12V solar chargers are perfect for year around maintenance of 12V vehicle starting and caravan/boat (leisure) batteries. But which is best for you?

There are numerous 12V solar trickle chargers available and choosing the right one can be difficult. Cheap is tempting but not always cheerful and who should you believe when it comes to performance and quality?!

Well worry no more. Here is Willgen's definitive guide to choosing the right 12V solar battery charger for winter battery maintenance.

What size...

Posted by in Boats and Campers on Feb 27, 2012 .

Sunware marine solar panels are the ideal solar panel for your yacht or boat.

From 24W to 69W, SunWare solar panels  are specifically designed for marine use and are built to the very highest quality standard of materials and workmanship. 

Each Sunware marine solar panel is individually tested to industry standards and this is backed up by a 3 year warranty.

SunWare solar panels  have the highest power output to surface area ratio of semi-flexible panels on the market. Their efficient polycrystalline cells convert sunlight to power into your battery so you can have the luxury of cool drinks and keep the essential equipment like...

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