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Current Cost Energy Monitors Are Here!

Posted by in Eco Products, Eco News Blog on May 20, 2010 . .

Current Cost are a relatively new entrant to the energy monitor retail market, however, their wireless energy monitors are well proven having been supplied by energy companies to consumers over the last few years. In fact Current Cost have supplied in excess of three quarters of a million units so far!

To compliment our existing range of energy monitors  we have decided to stock the Current Cost range  which includes the entry level Trec wireless energy monitor  and CC128 Envi wireless energy monitor . We also have stock of additional Envi sensors  and Current Cost accessories .

The Current Cost monitors  are in many ways similar to the Wattson , Owl  and Efergy electricity monitors  that we already sell. But there are a few significant differences that have persuaded us to add the Trec  and Envi  to our range.

Trec Wireless Energy Monitor

Current Cost's entry level unit is the Trec wireless energy monitor . Launched in January 2010, the Trec  offers basic electricity monitoring at a great price. The Trec  is compatible with other C2 devices in the Current Cost range and comes with a 1 year warranty. 

CC128 Envi Wireless Energy Monitor

The CC128 Envi , in common with most other wireless electricity monitors , helps you to reduce your electricity consumption by allowing you to see and understand how and where you use energy. By seeing the immediate impact of switching appliances on and off and by showing how your energy use changes over time the Envi will help you to identify energy hungry appliances and will motivate you to reduce your energy use.

Quick and Easy to Fit and Use

The Current Cost electricity monitors  have been designed with simplicity, reliability and fexibility as priorities. Easy to fit sensor clamps and transmitters are paired with a mains powered display unit. Battery life in the transmitter is long enough that you can pretty much fit and forget. 

Clear Electricity Monitor Display

Instant information about you present energy consumption in Watts and the amount this equates to in £ and p per day and per month is clearly displayed on both the Trec and the CC128 Envi . Both monitors also have a unique display feature that shows you how much you save when you turn an appliance off, or spend as you turn it on. 

In addition the CC128 Envi  display has a 3 bar graphical display showing how much energy you used 11pm - 7am the previous night, 7am - 3pm the previous day and 3pm - 11pm the previous evening.

Accumulative energy use in kWh also scrolls every ten seconds between the last day, the last 7 days and last 30 days on the Envi display.

For convenience, the CC128 Envi  also shows the time and temperature and both the Envi  and Trec have transmitter signal information and an indication of the number of sensors installed.


We think both the Trec  and CC128 Envi  are great wireless electricity monitors with stylish looks and some unique features.


View the full Current Cost range of eco products  here : 

  • Current Cost Electricity Monitors  


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