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Don't Leave People In The Dark

Posted by in Eco Products on Feb 14, 2013 . .

Do you own a property, stable block or small building that you rent out?

If so, have you ever considered the safety of your tenants/clients? If you have an outbuilding which is placed in the garden, back yard or even in the middle of nowhere which is quite often the case with stable blocks, you may have failed to think about how your tenants or clients will cope with the task of trying to navigate their way to it in the pitch black! It can be very dangerous for people to be wandering about outside with no light to lead the way and if an accident occurs, they will definitely be looking for someone to blame and that someone will most probably be you, the owner.

Thanks to Ecofreak, you no longer have to be concerned about any consequences of a poorly lit back yard or garden coming to bite you on the bum. The Solar Shed Light (known as the Solar Mate Point 5) is one of Ecofreak’s best selling solar lights . We appreciate that many of you do not want the hassle which is associated with having lights and such like fitted to outbuildings and sheds but with the Solar Mate Point 5, there will be little hassle involved. The light fits on to the side of a shed or such like and is easy and fast to install and comes complete with wall fixings, rechargeable batteries and a remote control. 

It is perfect for illuminating those dark and dangerous places and will light an area of 83sq feet with ease. Of course, the main attraction of this handy and reasonably priced light is that it does not require mains power supply in order to function; so it is also great for camping trips and play houses. In the day, the three internal AA batteries will charge; enabling the 10 super bright LED's to light up for up to three hours, giving people just the right amount of time to go about their business without the use of natural light.

To ensure you make the most of this technological piece of equipment, you must ensure that the solar panels are south facing and angled towards the sun, but don't worry if it is looking a bit over-cast because cleverly, the solar panels will charge on cloudy days as well; giving you the light when you need it most.

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