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Easter Break Solar Projects

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Apr 02, 2012 . .

Solar battery chargers  work brilliantly for 12V battery charging duties and as a result are widely used by the boating and camper/caravanning community.

If you haven't got around to fitting a solar charger to your pride and joy yet, the Easter break provides the perfect opportunity!

Solar panels  are great for the following reasons :

  • They utilise the free power of the sun to charge your battery / batteries
  • They will still provide some charge even in overcast conditions
  • They are very robust
  • There are different types and sizes for all situations
  • They have no moving parts and are extremely reliable
  • They rewquire little or no maintenance (just clean every now and again)
  • They will carry on working for 20+ years
  • They are simple to install and use
Different types of solar panel charger
There are three main types of solar panel that are used on boats and caravans :
  1. Rigid framed, glass fronted solar panels 
  2. Semi-flexible solar panels
  3. Flexible solar panels  

Rigid framed solar panels  are the cheapest panels watt for watt and, although they have glass fronts are surprisingly robust. They are efficient and great for most situations, but sometimes the lack of flexibility can make them awkward to mount particulalry on boats and yachts where deck space is at a apremium.

Semi-flexible and flexible solar panels  come into their own in situations where rigid framed panels are not the answer. The flexible nature of these solar panels means that they can be mounted to curved surfaces and they are usually durable enough to withstand occassional foot traffic as well. 

An added benefit of the semi-flexible panels such as our Spectra solar panels  and Sunware marine solar panels  is that they are completely sealed units meaning that they are perfect for use in the harsh marine environment.

If you are interested in installing a solar charging system on your boat or van please browse our solar panels  or get in touch for friendly, clear help and advice.



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