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Ecofreak Blog... You What?

Posted by in Eco News Blog on May 05, 2008 . .

Arrrgh, a new blog. I can here the groans from here. Well you can pack that in for a start! Let me explain....

Ecofreak News seemed a bit too starchy, a bit too serious, a bit too.... well you know -boring! So, out with the old News feature and in with the new blog!

Basically, I think a blog will be more fun and easier to read (and write!) than news, so that's why the feature is changing.

The blog aims to provide a lighthearted look at eco news of the day along with interesting and helpful eco information and our own news about things that are happening here at Ecofreak. It is not a definitive point of reference for green news items, but is a window into the thoughts of an ordinary bloke working in both the eco world and the real world.

So... watch this space!

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