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Posted by in Eco News Blog on Feb 05, 2009 . .

I read in the news that Scottish and Southern Energy have announced they are to reduce their energy prices to reflect the reduction in wholesale fuel prices.

Their 9 million domestic customers will benefit from a 9% cut in electricity prices and 4% cut in gas prices. British Gas lowered prices lat week as well. The SSE price cuts wont come into effect until March 30th. One wonders why such a long delay. It is probably cynical of me, but doesn't the weather normally start warming up from, oooh - let me think.... about the start of April? What a coincidence!

I suspect that you weren't getting overly excited, but in case you were, may I suggest that you don't? Put the present price cuts (other Energy Suppliers are likely to follow suit) in proportion by comparing them with last years price rises and you'll see the overall picture is nothing to be shouting about.

Last August SSE raised their electricity prices by just over 19% (bad enough) and gas prices soared by nearly 30%!. This is probably not SSE's fault, wholesale energy prices were rocketing at the time, but to you and I, the domestic consumer, this is of little consolation.

Our household energy prices have risen dramatically over the last 12 months and the medium to long term trend is only going to go one way. And, unfortunatley, that way is up. All the more reason to be a little more pro-active about saving energy to reduce electricity and gas bills.

Save Energy and Money!

The thing is, it can be very easy, interesting and even fun (honestly!) to save energy around the house (and I don't mean by not moving from the armchair in front of the TV). From the simplest changes in behaviour such as turning off lights, switching off standby power and turning the thermostat down to grander projects such as insulating the loft and installing a wind turbine!

Take a look at our information pages at Cheaper Utility Bills for more information and some great energy saving ideas to help you get started.

We've also got loads of eco gadgets and energy saving products that make energy saving a little less of a chore and a bit more fun (meaning you're more likely to do it!). I will add a blog in the next day or two detailing a few of my favourite energy saving gadgets, but in  the mean time just browse our product categories down the left of the screen!





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