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Hosepipe Ban Imminent?

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Grey water is water that has previously been used in your household. Typically bath, shower or washing up water is collected and re-used for puroposes such as watering the garden, washing the car or filling the toilet cistern.

To use it in the garden or to clean the car, the simplest way is simply to scoop it out of the bath or sink into a bucket. Alternatively, if you want to make life easier in the long run consider using something like the WaterTwo to allow you to transfer waste water from your waste water pipes to a storage butt.

There a few golden rules of DIY grey water harvesting :

  • Never re-use water from toilets and dishwashers
  • Don't use water containing harsh detergents or bleach for watering plants
  • Avoid using grey water to water fruit or vegetable crops
  • Keep grey water containers out of the reach of children and pets
  • Use grey water within 24 hours of collecting (prevents bacteria growth and smells)
Rainwater Harvesting 
In addition to grey water harvesting consider catching and storing rainwater as well. A water but positioned next to a rainwater downpipe from your gutters is a simple and cheap way of collecting water for watering and car washing purposes. Of course, rainwater harvesting is dependant on rain! If it's a dry summer that's when grey water harvesting comes into it's own!
WaterTwo Valve
If you are interested in the more information on the WaterTwo valve, please click here :Water Two Grey Water Harvesting Valve.


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