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Monitor That Electric Heater!

Posted by in Eco Products, Energy Saving Tips, Energy Saving on Feb 02, 2012 . .

Plug-in electricity monitors  are the perfect tool to allow you to see how much power an individual electrical appliance is using and what this is costing you.

  • See how much energy your heater uses
  • How much it is costing to run your heater
  • "Plug and Play" - simple installation and set-up
  • Large display for easy viewing

Monitoring Electric Heaters

Many people use plug-in electric heaters at this time of year to supplement other heating in the house or to warm a single room.

Plug-in electric heaters are great for this - they are easily portable and can warm a room quickly and efficiently. However they can be very high power users with wattages anywhere between 1kW and 3kW.

It's important therefore not to over do it to avoid a nasty shock when the electricity bill drops through the letter box!

Plug-in electricity monitors
If you want to see what your heater is using now and how much power has been used since it was plugged in and what this has cost you take a look at our brilliant plug-in electricity monitor :
Plug-in Electricity Monitor 
This plug-in electrcity monitor will also give you more information such as how much your heater will cost you if run at the present level for 1 day or 1 year, plus battery back up so that information is nor lost when the monitor is switched off or unplugged.
Most of all keep warm safe in the knowledge of what it's costing you! 



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