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Reaping a greener harvest

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Dec 23, 2012 . .

Leicestershire farmer William Musson has diversified with the launch of an online green shop. 

Mr Musson (right) who farms at Wartnaby, near Melton Mowbray, has branched out from traditional agriculture to reap a greener harvest by selling eco-friendly products, including energy and water-saving systems through his new internet shop Ecofreak. The new enterprise will be run alongside the existing farm business in an attempt to offset the economic difficulties of the current farming climate.


He said, “I’m the fifth generation of my family to farm at Wartnaby and I’m having to adapt to the changes in agriculture to secure the farm’s future.


"In the 19th century Great, Great Granny Musson was renowned for making Stilton cheeses here.


"I don’t know what she would have made of a 21st century website, but she would have been familiar with rainwater harvesting, as the old stone barns feature a water-saving system that was operational in her day”.


“Waste not want not was a common principle back then, but it is also very applicable today.


“Its all too easy to waste resources without realising it; leaving the lights on unnecessarily, over-filling the kettle or leaving the TV on standby all result in climate-changing emissions.


"However, by utilising eco-friendly technology and by making simple changes to our lifestyles we can all help to reduce our impact on the environment”.

The new business will not only supply innovative eco-products, but also bespoke systems to provide solar and wind powered energy ideal for remote buildings such as stables, barns, garden sheds and summer houses.

Full details of products and services can be found at or by phoning William Musson on 01664 823821.

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