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A popular range of solar powered products  is solar lighting ; this can include everything from motion-sensitive solar security lights  to decorative solar fairy lights .

Many solar lights  are fitted with LED bulbs. These bulbs are extremely energy efficient and require minimal power (whether powered by electricity or solar). Another advantage of LED bulbs is that they have an incredibly long lifespan, meaning the eco products will last a long time.

Asides from the environmental benefits to using solar products to light the garden and outdoor spaces, there are significant cost benefits too. The cost to run solar garden lighting  is free with the items being ‘charged’ during daylight hours and then released as it turns dark.

Another saving is the lack of installation costs. To have a mains powered security, or other lights, fitted throughout the exterior of the property a qualified electrician would need to be hired to undertake the installation. With solar lights the home owner can quickly and easily place the items wherever required around the property with a minimum of fuss and mess.

Some eco product  suppliers are able to source solar panel kits  which are able to help supply part of a property’s energy requirements.

Written by Carrie and Kellie for Ecofreak - thanks Carrie 'n Kellie!

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