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Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Feb 16, 2010 . .

Because the cold winter temperatures have extended well into February (I thought they always did?) I see the oft referred to "experts" are touting a spectacular spring as all the bulbs will burst into life in the next few weeks.

Anyway, the snowdrops are already out here at Ecofreak HQ in Leicestershire, and the tell tale stems of daffodils are peeping out of the grass on the verges and in gardens and fields everywhere. 

Spring is a great time. Nothing better than the signs of new growth and promise of good things to come later in the year. We usually get some of the best days of the year in my opinion in March in the UK. They are few and far between, but there is a normally a day or two of warm sunshine that encourage me into premature shirtsleeves. A bit of warmth does everyone and everything a world of good after months of snow, rain and biting cold winds.

Of course spring entices us outdoors, and for many, eyes and efforts turn to the garden and to all those little projects that have been put off in the winter because it's been too cold and dark. 

As days lengthen and the average daily hours of sunshine increase there are plenty of opportunities to make better use of solar power . Take a look at our practical guide to solar power  for some inspirational ideas. 

Why not brighten up a dark spot with a solar powered garden light  or get your boat or caravan ready for the summer with the addition of a solar panel  or Rutland wind charger ?

Whatever your plans, make sure you make the most of the Spring! When it does finally arrive get out there and enjoy it. Feel the sunshine*, the warmth* but definately enjoy the show that nature will put on with spring flowering bulbs and the vibrant greens that come with new growth and spring vigour. It will make you feel great and might even inspire you to go a little bit greener yourself in 2010!


* Unfortunately this is the UK and Ecofreak cannot guarantee that there will be any sunshine or warmth where you are this Spring!



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