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Sunsei Se170 Solar Trickle Charger Now Dz170

Posted by in Eco Products on May 30, 2011 . .

The Sunsei SE170 12V solar trickle charger has been our most popular 12V solar charger for many years (albeit starting life as the SE130, then SE150 before becoming the SE170).

Now the Sunsei brand has been replaced with DZ Energy and their DZ-170 12V Solar Trickle Charger.

The product is identical to the Sunsei SE170 in every way, comes with the same accessories and is a cut above on terms of quality and performance.

The DZ Energy DZ-170 is a 2.6W solar trcikle charger and is ideal for battery maintenance duties on a wide variety of cars, motorbikes and any vehicle with a 12V battery.

12V solar trickle chargers come into their own in the following 12V battery maintenance and charging situations :

  • infrequently used cars, boats, motorbikes etc
  • occassionally used weekend/"sunny day" leisure vehicles
  • cars left parked at the airport
  • cars left stood whilst you are on holiday
  • cars standing waiting for sale
  • battery maintenance on vehicles with a slight battery drain problem
  • winter maintenance of leisure batteries
Solar - simple to use and install
The DZ-170 solar trickle charger (Sunsei SE-170 replacement) is simple and quick to fit and use. The 12V solar charger comes with 2 sets of "plug and play" leads - one set with a cigarette lighter plug for connection within the cabin and the other with crocodile clips for connection direct to the battery.
The DZ-170 solar charger also comes with 4 handy sucstion cups which allow the solar panel to be quickly and firmly secured to an interior or exterior glass surface (great for mounting on the inside of your car windscreen.
Of course a huge advantage of a solar trickle charger is that it can be used anywhere as no mains power is required! 
2.6W 12V Solar Charger 
The powerful 2.6W amorpous solar panel will work in low light conditions as well as full sunshine ensuring you make the most of the available sunshine in our fickle UK weather conditions. 
Cheaper solar trickle chargers often only have a 1W or 1.5W solar panel and therefore provide far less charge to the battery than the DZ-170 Solar Battery Charger.


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