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The power of the sun

Posted by in Eco Products on Nov 05, 2012 . .

Harnessing the power of the sun isn’t a new idea, as far back as 1447 Leonardo DaVinci predicted the use of solar energy. In just one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than the entire earth’s population uses in one year.

So it seems odd that limited finite resources, such as coal and oil, are being used so abundantly when an endless resource such as the sun is so underused. Every 1kw of solar PV will save 170 lbs of coal being used and prevent 300 lbs of CO2 from being released!

With this abundance of sunlight why aren’t we making better use of it? Well, as of yet the technology to maximise the sun’s power is still in relative infancy, though with solar energy  fast becoming a popular way to power homes and offices, advancements are being made all the time. Making best use of the earth’s finite resources and using alternative fuel wherever possible is everybody’s responsibility. This is why here at Ecofreak we have a fantastic range of solar panels and solar powered accessories.

Solar panels and lighting are often extremely adaptable and flexible. Easily installed they can be relocated when required and even small units can provide great amounts of light. Our innovative range includes solar lights for the garden and solar panels for caravans and even stables!

The world of renewable energy can seem confusing but you needn’t be an expert to make the most out of solar power and save money and resources. To help you we have solar panel kits which come with complete instructions on how to set up your panels to power everything from lights to boat batteries.

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