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Torch found in Christmas stocking. It's a wind-up!

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Nov 08, 2012 . .

What better Christmas stocking filler for both kids and adults than an eco-friendly wind-up torch? Fantastically reliable, amazingly versatile, brilliant in an emergency... and just plain fun!

For the serious torch bearer, the PowerPlus range offers superior long-lasting shine-times. Several of these torches double up as eco mobile phone chargers, and the Shark  and Barracuda  are even fully waterproof to several metres, all for 60 second's winding.

The Penguin Dynamo Torch  is a great choice for kids because... well, it's shaped like a penguin! What's not to love? Teach the little ones the value of creating their own power by pressing his wing. He makes an ideal bedside flash lamp and is a great educational tool to boot.

There is something for everyone in our wide range of wind-up torches. Camping enthusiast? Try the Owl Wind-up Lantern . Cyclist? Give them the Bat headtorch  that comes with a free bicycle attachment. Always on the go? The Bee  is powerful but tiny and easily slips into a pocket as a key ring.

Of course, all the torches can be used for anything you like... around the house, to keep in the car, any night time adventures! And no batteries needed whatsoever. Not one. What a treat for a Christmas morning! 

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