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Posted by in Eco News Blog on May 11, 2008 .

It's on the telly. It's on the radio. It's in the newspapers. We're all doomed! Well, maybe not, but upsets in the global financial markets as well as one or two in the UK itself are certainly concentrating everyone's minds on the state of the economy, and many are asking the question whether we are heading for recession.

Of course the housing price boom of recent years in the UK has provided a false sense of financial well being for many and now that credit is becoming harder to come by, more expensive and harder to pay back many of us are looking at ways of reducing our monthly outgoings any way we can.

Well saving energy in our...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on May 06, 2008 .

I love the month of May. Spring has well and truly sprung, the April showers finally fade into the distance and the promise of summer is just around the corner.

The thing about this time of the year is that everything is so vibrant and full of life. The green colour of the leaves on trees and hedgerows is incredible. It's a lighter, brighter green than any other time of the year and it is incredibly beautiful. I am lucky enough to live and work in the countryside and watching the seasons come and go is a privelage that shouldn't be taken for granted.

And now the sun is shining as well - what more could we ask for?! The warmth from...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on May 05, 2008 .

Arrrgh, a new blog. I can here the groans from here. Well you can pack that in for a start! Let me explain....

Ecofreak News seemed a bit too starchy, a bit too serious, a bit too.... well you know -boring! So, out with the old News feature and in with the new blog!

Basically, I think a blog will be more fun and easier to read (and write!) than news, so that's why the feature is changing.

The blog aims to provide a lighthearted look at eco news of the day along with interesting and helpful eco information and our own news about things that are happening here at Ecofreak. It is not a definitive point of reference for green news...

Posted by in Energy Saving Tips on Mar 24, 2008 .
How much can I save?

If you increase your loft insulation from none to 270mm deep

  • Annual Saving per year : £180 -£220
  • DIY Cost : £275
  • DIY Payback : 1 - 2 years
  • CO2 Saving per year : 1.5 Tonnes

If you increase loft insulation from 50mm to 270mm deep

  • Annual Saving per year : £50 -£60
  • DIY Cost : £240
  • DIY Payback : 4 - 5 years
  • CO2 Saving per year : 410 kg

(Source : Energy Saving Trust)

How do I know if I need to insulate my loft?

Tell tale signs include:

  • Cold house (I know it's pretty obvious isn't it?)
  • House cools down rapidly as soon as heating is turned off
  • Older houses are more...

Posted by in Eco Products on Mar 17, 2008 .

I have had so many people asking me about home energy monitors that I thought I might as well just get something down in text!

For a start let me answer some common questions :

  • What are Wireless Electricty Monitors?
  • How do Wireless Elecrtcity Monitors Work?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Will they save me money?
  • Are they easy to fit?



Posted by in Eco News Blog on Mar 17, 2008 .

The Arctic is losing it's old, thick ice faster than has been seen in previous years despite cold weather across the Northern Hemisphere. The warm 2007 summer saw the smallest area of ice ever recorded in the Arctic and scientists fear that the trend will continue this year.

Reduced areas of ice have a compounding effect on global warming as white ice reflects warmth back into the atmosphere, whereas, the dark ocean absorbs heat.

March is usually the time that the Arctic ice covers the largest area. In 2008 the area covered will be slightly larger than than it was in 2007, however this masks an underlying trend that shows the amount...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Jan 22, 2008 .

The Bali talks were finalised back in December 2007 with a last minute agreement following a U-turn by the United States, which had been holding out for firmer commitments from developing countries.

Precise targets were not set, however the so called ‘Bali roadmap’ initiates a two year process of negotiation to develop and agree a new set of emissions targets to replace those in the Kyoto Protocol.

The EU had pressed for a commitment that industrialised nations should commit to cuts of 25-40% by 2020, but this was opposed by a bloc containing the US, Canada and Japan.

The final text does not mention specific emissions...

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released it’s Synthesis Report – the final part of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report : Climate Change 2007.

The Synthesis Report, which is the end-product of the most detailed and thorough assessment of global climate change ever undertaken, states that urgent action must be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions otherwise climate change will intensify and have dramatic implications for both the natural world and human society.

The report is a product of intense week long discussions in Valencia, Spain, and provides a definitive conclusion to the climate change debate....

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