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Posted by in Eco News Blog on Dec 23, 2012 .

Leicestershire farmer William Musson has diversified with the launch of an online green shop. 

Mr Musson (right) who farms at Wartnaby, near Melton Mowbray, has branched out from traditional agriculture to reap a greener harvest by selling eco-friendly products, including energy and water-saving systems through his new internet shop Ecofreak. The new enterprise will be run alongside the existing farm business in an attempt to offset the economic difficulties of the current farming climate.


He said, “I’m the fifth generation of my family to farm at Wartnaby and I’m having to adapt to the changes in agriculture to secure...

Posted by in Eco Products on Dec 14, 2012 .

Christmas is fast approaching, and it's the same old question. What on earth do you give the gent or lady who has everything? Well, forget the earth... give them the power of the sun instead!

Dead batteries and no mains power render the fanciest electronic gadget completely useless. Give your loved one the power to go on with one of our solar chargers .  Almost any electrical device can be charged from our Freeloader Classic Solar Charger , the robust and portable PowerMonkey Explorer  is perfect for intrepid explorers, and the 6.5W Folding Solar Charger  can even be folded up and put in a pocket!

We also have the Verio Wind-Up...

Posted by in Eco Products on Dec 11, 2012 .

Get creative this Christmas with our outdoor solar fairy lights. As bright as main-powered LED lights, but completely self-sufficient, these little gems can be left to twinkle away all through the long dark winter.

You don't even need to remember to turn them on and off. After charging all day, the solar fairy lights  will automatically light up at dusk and turn themselves off again in the morning.  Choose between bright white and multi-coloured lights, and the option of 5m, 10m or 28m lengths.  They all come with 6 different lighting modes such as flashing, chasing and alternating so you can choose just how festive you want to...

What better Christmas stocking filler for both kids and adults than an eco-friendly wind-up torch? Fantastically reliable, amazingly versatile, brilliant in an emergency... and just plain fun!

For the serious torch bearer, the PowerPlus range offers superior long-lasting shine-times. Several of these torches double up as eco mobile phone chargers, and the Shark  and Barracuda  are even fully waterproof to several metres, all for 60 second's winding.

The Penguin Dynamo Torch  is a great choice for kids because... well, it's shaped like a penguin! What's not to love? Teach the little ones the value of creating their own power by...

Posted by in Eco Products on Nov 05, 2012 .

Harnessing the power of the sun isn’t a new idea, as far back as 1447 Leonardo DaVinci predicted the use of solar energy. In just one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than the entire earth’s population uses in one year.

So it seems odd that limited finite resources, such as coal and oil, are being used so abundantly when an endless resource such as the sun is so underused. Every 1kw of solar PV will save 170 lbs of coal being used and prevent 300 lbs of CO2 from being released!

With this abundance of sunlight why aren’t we making better use of it? Well, as of yet the technology to maximise the sun’s power is still in...

Posted by in Eco Products on Oct 17, 2012 .

It always feels good to know your property is secure. This is especially true when the nights start drawing in, shortening the hours of daylight. Solar security lights are a versatile and cost-effective way to light up any area you don't want left in the dark.

With no need for an outside power supply, they can be positioned wherever you like, avoiding the expense of mains installation or messy extra cabling.

Sometimes there are concerns that solar-powered security lights  won't be as reliable as mains power, and unfortunately it is true that many poor quality products are available on the market. 

We understand that you need...

Posted by in Eco Products on Oct 09, 2012 .

The days are getting shorter, but that doesn't mean you have to stop working (or playing!) after dark in out-buildings that don't have mains power. With our wide range of solar shed lights, we are sure to have a product that will suit your needs and budget.

The Vortex  and SolarMate  solar shed lights will provide precious extra hours of reliable illumination in your garage, greenhouse, stables, summer house... wherever you want to be.  
If security is the main concern, the Solar PIR Porch Light and Solar PIR Utility Light  are motion-activated and can be used inside or out, offering fantastic value for money. 

Posted by in Eco Products on Oct 09, 2012 .

A popular range of solar powered products  is solar lighting ; this can include everything from motion-sensitive solar security lights  to decorative solar fairy lights .

Many solar lights  are fitted with LED bulbs. These bulbs are extremely energy efficient and require minimal power (whether powered by electricity or solar). Another advantage of LED bulbs is that they have an incredibly long lifespan, meaning the eco products will last a long time.

Asides from the environmental benefits to using solar products to light the garden and outdoor spaces, there are significant cost benefits too. The cost to run solar garden lighting  is...

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