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If you use your classic car less often than you would like or are getting ready to put it away for the winter months, you may be wondering about the best way to keep the battery in tip top condition. A good solar trickle charger might be just the thing you need....

solar trickle charger of the correct type and size will keep your car battery in good, fully charged condition even through the darkest mid winter months. If you are not sure which 12V solar battery charger  is best for you read on!

The first thing to decide is if the solar panel will be mounted in the car itself or externally somewhere (on the roof of your garage...

There is a huge array of solar security lights  on the market, some good, although unfortunately, all too many bad. 

Rest assured that Ecofreak have tested lots of solar security lights  over the years and we only sell those that we feel are good quality and able to perform as indicated. Unfortunately some of our competitors seem less concerned about the quality of the lights that they sell.

Making the right choice is difficult if you are not in the know and making the choice can be critical if you really need to rely on the light.

If mains power is not readily available or is some distance away it can be an expensive route to...

Posted by in Energy Saving Tips on Apr 17, 2012 .

Draughts, usually eminating from around poorly fitting doors and windows, make your house feel cold. The heating is usually turned up to compensate and your heating bill goes up as a result. 

Simple fixes, usually possible following a relatively inexpensive trip to your local DIY store :

  • Use sausage dog type draught excluders on draughty doors
  • Fit draught excluder strips around poorly fitted doors and windows
  • Replace that draughty letter box with a new one that excludes draughts

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Apr 02, 2012 .

Solar battery chargers  work brilliantly for 12V battery charging duties and as a result are widely used by the boating and camper/caravanning community.

If you haven't got around to fitting a solar charger to your pride and joy yet, the Easter break provides the perfect opportunity!

Solar panels  are great for the following reasons :

  • They utilise the free power of the sun to charge your battery / batteries
  • They will still provide some charge even in overcast conditions
  • They are very robust
  • There are different types and sizes for all situations
  • They have no moving parts and are extremely reliable
  • They rewquire little...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Mar 18, 2012 .

Grey water is water that has previously been used in your household. Typically bath, shower or washing up water is collected and re-used for puroposes such as watering the garden, washing the car or filling the toilet cistern.

To use it in the garden or to clean the car, the simplest way is simply to scoop it out of the bath or sink into a bucket. Alternatively, if you want to make life easier in the long run consider using something like the WaterTwo to allow you to transfer waste water from your waste water pipes to a storage butt.

There a few golden rules of DIY grey water harvesting :

  • Never re-use water from toilets and...

Posted by in Boats and Campers on Feb 27, 2012 .

Sunware marine solar panels are the ideal solar panel for your yacht or boat.

From 24W to 69W, SunWare solar panels  are specifically designed for marine use and are built to the very highest quality standard of materials and workmanship. 

Each Sunware marine solar panel is individually tested to industry standards and this is backed up by a 3 year warranty.

SunWare solar panels  have the highest power output to surface area ratio of semi-flexible panels on the market. Their efficient polycrystalline cells convert sunlight to power into your battery so you can have the luxury of cool drinks and keep the essential equipment like...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Feb 26, 2012 .

Just a few days left if you fancy chancing your luck to get hold of the higher 43.3p rate of feed in tariff for systems less than 4kW!

Despite two previous court rulings declaring its action to rush through changes to the solar feed-in tariff (FIT) were unlawful, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has now asked the Supreme Court’s permission to appeal against that ruling.

DECC disagrees with the Court of Appeal’s decision on FITs and have lodged an application with the Supreme Court seeking that court’s permission to appeal.

We are all now waiting to see if the Supreme Court will grant permission.

If the...

Plug-in electricity monitors  are the perfect tool to allow you to see how much power an individual electrical appliance is using and what this is costing you.

  • See how much energy your heater uses
  • How much it is costing to run your heater
  • "Plug and Play" - simple installation and set-up
  • Large display for easy viewing

Monitoring Electric Heaters

Many people use plug-in electric heaters at this time of year to supplement other heating in the house or to warm a single room.

Plug-in electric heaters are great for this - they are easily portable and can warm a room quickly and efficiently. However they can be very high...

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