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Posted by in Eco News Blog on Jun 05, 2011 .
The Bridgestone Eco-Rally returns this year and is more relevant than ever as motorists are hit in the pocket by the ever-rising fuel costs.

Posted by in Eco Products on May 30, 2011 .

The Sunsei SE170 12V solar trickle charger has been our most popular 12V solar charger for many years (albeit starting life as the SE130, then SE150 before becoming the SE170).

Now the Sunsei brand has been replaced with DZ Energy and their DZ-170 12V Solar Trickle Charger.

The product is identical to the Sunsei SE170 in every way, comes with the same accessories and is a cut above on terms of quality and performance.

The DZ Energy DZ-170 is a 2.6W solar trcikle charger and is ideal for battery maintenance duties on a wide variety of cars, motorbikes and any vehicle with a 12V battery.

12V solar trickle chargers come into...

Posted by in Eco Products on Apr 26, 2011 .

Types of Solar Panel

Solar panels for leisure use (take leisure use to mean use on yachts, boats, camper vans, caravans etc) there are 3 main types of solar panel available : 

  • Rigid framed glass fronted solar panels
  • Semi-flexible solar panels
  • Flexible solar panels 
Each of these is looked at on more detail below.
Rigid framed glass fronted solar panels are the "traditional" solar photovoltaic panel. Glass fronted with a rigid (usually) aluminium frame.


Posted by in Eco Products on Aug 03, 2010 .

At long last - they're back! 

The 2.6W Sunsei SE170  has been one of our most popular solar trickle chargers  for some time but for a period of several months we have been unable to source any stock due to problems in the manufacture / supply chain.

The Sunsei SE170  (and it's predecessors the SE130 and SE150) have proved themselves to be among the best plug 'n play 12V solar trickle chargers  available. Great quality, versatile mounting solutions and quick and easy connection set the Sunsei solar charger apart from cheaper alternatives.

Suitable for maintenance charging of all 12V batteries on cars, ATVs, motorcycles, small...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Aug 01, 2010 .

Start is an exciting new national initiative launched by The Prince's Charities Foundation to promote and celebrate sustainable living.

Somehow I missed the launch of the Start initiative earlier this year and only became aware of it when flicking through my Saturday paper over the weekend (so much for having my finger on the eco pulse.. ha!).

If like me you were unaware of Start then I suggest you sign up at the Start website  and take a look at their video ; it's a simple and inspiring message.

What an excellent scheme and great website. What I love about Start is it is trying to clear the mirky environmental waters by making...

Current Cost are a relatively new entrant to the energy monitor retail market, however, their wireless energy monitors are well proven having been supplied by energy companies to consumers over the last few years. In fact Current Cost have supplied in excess of three quarters of a million units so far!

To compliment our existing range of energy monitors  we have decided to stock the Current Cost range  which includes the entry level Trec wireless energy monitor  and CC128 Envi wireless energy monitor . We also have stock of additional Envi sensors  and Current Cost accessories .

The Current Cost monitors  are in many ways similar to...

Posted by in Eco Products, Eco News Blog on May 18, 2010 .

Here at Ecofreak we love the summer, however as the British weather is never predictable, when we do get some good weather make the most of it! 

Here are our top ten favourite eco products to help you enjoy your summer, whether your out and about camping, going to a festival or just larging it up with your mates in the garden.

1. Solar Powered Charger

Just because you are in the middle of a field doesn't mean you can't charge your mobile phone or iPod! Get a solar phone charger  such as the Solio solar charger  and you use the free and abundant power of the sun to charge your mobile electronic appliances.

Solio solar charger...

Posted by in Eco Products, Eco News Blog on May 05, 2010 .

If you are looking for a robust solar panel for your yacht, boat or caravan we can now supply a full range of the  excellent Spectra and Sunware semi-flexible panels.

Solar Battery Maintenance

Use a solar panel to charge your battery and be greeted by fully charged batteries every time you return to your yacht, boat or caravan!

The solar panel will keep your battery in a fully charged state which not only extends battery life, therefore reducing replacement costs but will also make your life easier!

What Size Solar Panel? 

As a rule of thumb, to replace natural battery drain through the winter months in the UK we work on...

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