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Posted by in Eco News Blog on Feb 16, 2010 .

Because the cold winter temperatures have extended well into February (I thought they always did?) I see the oft referred to "experts" are touting a spectacular spring as all the bulbs will burst into life in the next few weeks.

Anyway, the snowdrops are already out here at Ecofreak HQ in Leicestershire, and the tell tale stems of daffodils are peeping out of the grass on the verges and in gardens and fields everywhere. 

Spring is a great time. Nothing better than the signs of new growth and promise of good things to come later in the year. We usually get some of the best days of the year in my opinion in March in the UK. They are...

Posted by in Eco Products on Dec 15, 2009 .

Come on, why not make your Christmas shopping a little more enjoyable?! There's no doubt that online shopping certainly makes life a bit less stressful and certainly easier on the feet than trawling around the shops!

Plus you can find great eco christmas gifts at Ecofreak that you are unlikely to find on the high street and be assured of excellent products and customer service - just read our customer feedback or give us a call to see how nice we are!!

So, if you are still on the look out for last minute inspiration, just take a quick look at a few of Ecofreak's favourite Christmas gifts here : 


Best Eco Stocking Fillers...

Posted by in Eco Products on Jun 07, 2009 .

I am a big fan of solar power! As well as running Ecofreak I design and supply small scale renewable energy systems. Everything from lighting signs to powering “off grid” buildings and telecommunications. I’ve used solar photovoltaic panels to power farm buildings, stables, beach huts, a tennis club and many other things besides. Using the sun to provide green energy is appealing, it meets a practical need and I find it very rewarding.

It occurred to me today however that there is a much more fundamental way we can pretty much all benefit from solar power. It too is highly rewarding, very green (in more ways than one) and best of...

Posted by in Eco Products, Eco News Blog on Mar 04, 2009 .

It’s a bit of a conundrum this environment malarkey. We know that we are harming the environment as a race but find it so difficult to change our behaviour as individuals.

I think that the majority of us can agree that we humans are contributing to the decline of our natural environment. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is in no doubt that man has been and is a major causal effect of Global Warming. And they ought to know – they consult some of the brainiest boffins from around the globe.

We are consuming finite resources at an ever increasing rate and clearly don’t balance the books in terms of the energy we use...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Feb 05, 2009 .

I read in the news that Scottish and Southern Energy have announced they are to reduce their energy prices to reflect the reduction in wholesale fuel prices.

Their 9 million domestic customers will benefit from a 9% cut in electricity prices and 4% cut in gas prices. British Gas lowered prices lat week as well. The SSE price cuts wont come into effect until March 30th. One wonders why such a long delay. It is probably cynical of me, but doesn't the weather normally start warming up from, oooh - let me think.... about the start of April? What a coincidence!

I suspect that you weren't getting overly excited, but in case you were, may...

Here at Ecofreak (despite the name!) we try to take a pragmatic approach to saving energy and being eco conscious. We realise that most people will not make major changes to their behaviour unless there is some kind of financial or personal "reward" for doing so. That's human nature and we're cool with that.

What we try and do is source energy saving devices that are easy to use, value for money and appealing to the consumer. That way perhaps more of us will be tempted to do something to reduce our energy consumption whether the justification is to reduce our bill, our carbon footprint or may be just to be a liitle bit eco-cool! And...

Posted by in Eco News Blog on Oct 13, 2008 .


I see in the news that various councils and highways authorities are switching on to switching off street lights through the dead of night. The move has been prompted by increasing electricity costs but has the added benefits of reducing light pollution, saving energy and reducing the authority's carbon footprint.


Powys council in Wales have started to switch off 2 out of 3 street lights in "non-sensitive" areas to try and offset energy price increases of around 35%.

With no change the council expect the annual cost of powering Powys' street lighting to increase from £175,000 to...

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