Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pump
Solar Water Pump
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This high quality solar water pump kit is ideal for pumping water to livestock drinking troughs from your river, stream or lake. Perfect for providing water in remote locations with no mains water supply but with access to natural freshwater nearby.

  • Prevent erosion of water course banks by livestock
  • Use to pump water to troughs in barns and stables
  • 30m hose from pump to trough
  • Up to 10m head (height between water source and trough)
  • Simple installation - integrates with standard water troughs
  • Easy to use
  • Can supply enough water for large numbers of animals (up to 90 cattle in tests)
  • In most cases cheaper than a mains water connection
  • Reliable with very low running costs.

How does it work?

The solar water pump is a simple 12V  pumping system capable of transferring large volumes of water. The water drinking trough is fitted with a float switch which turns on a submersible pump when the water level drops. There is no need for a balancing or header tank just connect directly to a standard water trough. The pump is connected to 30m of hose which feeds back from the water source to the trough. The pump is powered by a 12V battery (not included) which sits in a weatherproof control box and is charged by the 30W high efficiency solar panel. A mounting stand for the solar panel is also included.

What;'s in the Solar Pump Kit?

Included in the kit:

  • 30W Momocrystalline Solar Panel with 5m lead
  • Solar panel stand
  • Solar charge controller
  • 12V 75Ah deep cycle battery
  • Weatherproof battery box (holds 12V battery up to 110Ah) with battery monitor
  • 12V 320 Litre Per Hour submersible pump
  • 30m hose
  • Float switch with 5m lead

Technical Specification

Pump Output at Different Levels of Head (30m of 1/2" diameter hose)
Head (Metres) 0m 1m 2m 3m 4m 5m 10m
Output (Litres/Hour) 320L/Hour 305L/Hour 300L/Hour 285L/Hour 275L/Hour 265L/Hour 210L/Hour

Increasing head height reduces output as does pumping distance. We recommend shortening the 30m hose to the length required to maximise output.

Water requirements vary for livestock depending on numbers, size of animal, weather and feed type. Please bear this in mind and as with any water supply check availabilty of drinking water for livestock daily.

Using a larger trough allows a buffer of stored water which prevents animals waiting for the water to be pumped. Sufficient trough size is particularly important with groups of animals that may drink together at the same time.

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