What is an Inverter Generator?

In layman's terms, an inverter generator is simply a generator that is capable of providing electricity of similar quality to "mains" electricity from a socket in your house. This means that sensitive electronic equipment can be run from an inverter generator without fear of damage. 

The inverter digitally smooths and improves the quality of the electricity generated effectively ironing out variations and spikes that might otherwise be harmful.

Are Inverter Generators better than Conventional Generators?

In a word, yes, although they do tend to be more expensive so if you dont need a good, clean source of electricity (for example you just run power tools but never a computer) a conventional generator might be a better choice.

Inverter generators are a popular choice for leisure users who tend to want to power a wide range of devices, some of which may be sensitive (computers and some TV's for example). If you want an leisure generator to take camping or caravanning an inverter generator is ideal.

Whats the difference between an Inverter Generator and a Conventional Generator?

A conventional generator normally consists of an engine driving an alternator to produce electricity. The engine has to run at a constant speed to provide the correct frequency of electricity, the frequency ("smoothness") of the electricity will vary with fluctuations in engine revs.

 An inverter generator produces electricity in the same way with an engine driving an alternator, but the power produced is first converted to DC and then back to AC by an inverter. The power supplied by the inverter is pure sinewave and always the correct voltage and frequency.Hyundai 2000SEi Inverter Generator

Advantages of using an Inverter Generator

As well as allowing sensitive electronics to be safely powered, the inverter also allows the generator's engine revs to be varied without effecting the frequency of the electricity output. This allows engine revs to be lowered in low load situations reducing noise, fuel consumption and wear and tear. Our Hyundai HY1000Si, HY2000Si and HY3000Si and HY3600Si inverter generators have an "Eco" or "Efficiency" mode that automatically matches engine speed to load, so, the lower the wattage of your electrical devices being run by the generator the lower the engine revs, fuel consumption and noise will be.

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