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10W Solar Charger with Charge Controller

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This 10W solar charger comes complete with a charge controller making it suitable for a wide range of 12V battery charging duties. The high quality pulse width modulation charge controller manages battery charging and crucially prevents battery damage from over charging. This allows this solar charger to be permanently connected to any 12V vehicle batteries of any capacity without fear of battery damage.

  • 10W solar charger for 12V batteries
  • 4.5A 12V Morningstart Sunguard solar charge controller
  • Solar panel and charge controller fully weatherproof and suitable for permanent external installation

Solar charger kit includes:

  • 10W Solar Panel for 12V battery charging
  • 1 x Morningstart Sunguard solar charge controller
  • 5m 1mm 2 core cable (to run from solar panel to battery)
  • Ring connectors on 3m cable to allow quick and easy connection
  • In-line fuse holder and 5A fuse
  • Pair of crocodile clips for connection to battery
  • Installation instructions

Whenever possible we recommend hardwiring your solar charger to your battery rather than using crocodile clips (particulalry if connecting to a battery that remains connected to a vehicle). If hardwiring to a battery our Plug-in Cable Connector allows quick and easy and safe connection and dicsonnection of the solar panel from your battery - please add to your order if required.


10 Watt Solar panel and cable kit.

  • High efficiency crystalline cell for “all weather” charging
  • Perfect for a wide range of 12 battery maintenance applications
  • Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use
  • In built diode protects against battery discharge
  • 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty

Great for small power consumption projects, the 10 watt solar panel kit can even be used for projects as diverse as powering electric fences or charging 12V batteries for off grid lighting projects. The 10 watt panel provides a continuous trickle feed maintaining and extending the life of any 12 volt battery.

Typical Uses

The 10W solar panel kit is an ideal solar trickle charger for any 12V battery and is commonly used for the following

  • small off grid lighting projects
  • perfect for constant charging of electric fencing batteries (will extend periods between/ negate need for mains charging of battery)
  • vehicle battery maintenance
  • use in caravans and boats

Simply connect the solar panel to the 12v battery you want to charge using the crocodile clips provided (or hardwire if you prefer).  

Whats included?
  • 10W Solar Panel for 12V battery charging
  • 5m 1mm 2 core cable (to run from solar panel to battery)
  • Ring connectors on 3m cable to allow quick and easy connection
  • In-line fuse holder and 5A fuse
  • Plug-in Cable Connector
  • Installation instructions

The 10 watt solar panel kit supplies everything required to connect up quickly and easily to your 12V battery.

Quick and simple connection. 

Extra cable if required can be ordered by the meter here (if you order additional cable it will added to the single 5m length already included up to a maximum of 30m) : 12V 1mm 2 core cable.


Is a Charge Controller Required 

The 10W panel kit does not normally require a charge controller if the battery to be used is larger than 70Ah. If battery is smaller than 70Ah or the solar panel will be left connected to an unused fully charged battery for long periods in the summer months install a charge controller  to prevent battery overcharging. Suitable solar charge controller : Solsum 6.6F Solar Charge Controller .

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 10 watts Peak
  • Output: 660mAh @ 16.8V
  • Dimensions: 397 x 278 x 25mm (may vary - please ask if critical)
  • Weight: 1.6kg (may vary - please ask if critical)

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