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12V DC LED Bulbs and Lights

Posted by in Off Grid Solar and Wind on Jul 03, 2018 . .

As you have probably discovered, 12V DC lighting options can be rather limited and prices tend to be a little higher than 230V AC ("mains powered") lights. 

12V DC lighting is quite specialist and availability tends to be limited to a few specialist suppliers (such as ourselves). Because volumes of sales are low, production costs are higher and these are often reflected in the price (sorry!).

12V DC lighting forms an important part of our off-grid solar lighting businesss and over the years we have had to find and source many different types of 12V DC and 24V DC lighting. Here at Willgen we carry stock of a range of 12V DC bulbs and lights that we find most useful to meet the needs of our "off-grid" customers.

12V DC LED Floodlights

We tend to use 12V DC LED floodlights for external lighting and also often for lighting inside barns and stables where conditions can be damp and dusty. Our 12V LED floodlights are dust proof and weatherproof and are very reliable and importantly provide a very good bright level of light that spreads evenly across a broad lighting area. 

12V DC LED Bulbs

Our 12V DC LED bulbs are available in various wattages and are all have Ediscon Screw (ES27) bases. This allows them to be used with many off the shelf light fittings (from other suppliers) that take an ES27 bulb and can be wired into a 12V DC lighting circuit. 

We also supply batten type bulb holders for the 12V DC Bulbs and these are simple and quick to install with push in terminal connections (no fiddly screw terminals!).

Why LEDs?

LEDs have excellent lifespan (typically 40,000hrs +)  and are extremely efficient. The excellent efficieny is what makes them invaluable for our solar and off-grid lighting systems as lower power use means a lower specification for the system required to power them keeping scale and cost down.

So if you are looking for a 12V DC LED Bulb or 12V DC LED lighting why not have a browse of our 12V DC lighting range, along with our 12V cable and accessories? Please get in touch of you require any advice - we will be very happy to offer help and advice!

Last update: Jul 03, 2018
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