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Marine Solar Panels Added To Range

Posted by in Eco Products, Eco News Blog on May 05, 2010 . .

If you are looking for a robust solar panel for your yacht, boat or caravan we can now supply a full range of the  excellent Spectra and Sunware semi-flexible panels.

Solar Battery Maintenance

Use a solar panel to charge your battery and be greeted by fully charged batteries every time you return to your yacht, boat or caravan!

The solar panel will keep your battery in a fully charged state which not only extends battery life, therefore reducing replacement costs but will also make your life easier!

What Size Solar Panel? 

As a rule of thumb, to replace natural battery drain through the winter months in the UK we work on 10W of solar power to every 100Ah of battery capacity.

This will ensure your battery is maintained through winter when we have minimal sunlight hours and you are less likely to be using your boat.

Come the summer months and longer sunshine hours, the solar panel will also offer useful additional charge to the battery to offset drains on the battery from use of on-board lights and appliances. This means reduced engine running time and more peace and quiet!

Spectra Solar Panels

The following semi-flexible Spectra panels are now available :

Ideal for lighter charging duties the Spectra panels offer efficiency and reliability at an affordable price. 
Sunware Solar Panels
SunWare solar panels have the highest power output to surface area ratio of semi-flexible solar panels  on the market. Their efficient polycrystalline cells convert sunlight to power into your battery so you can have the luxury of cool drinks and keep the essential equipment like the depth sounder running too. 

High Quality Marine Solar Panels

Both Spectra and Sunware solar panels  offer the following benefits :

  • Designed to withstand the rigours of continuous marine use
  • Semi-flexible for mounting on slightly curved surfaces (eg deck or cabin roof)
  • Superb quality and efficiency with high output to surface ratio
  • Ideal for use on boats and recreational vehicles 
  • Supplied with 3m cable, blocking diode and junction box
  • Robust - can be walked on in deck shoes
  • Simple to install and maintenance free
  • Manufacturer warranty - Spectra 2 yr limited, Sunware 3 yr limited

Rutland Wind Chargers

The Sunware and Spectra solar panels  are ideal partners for the Rutland 504  and Rutland 913  Windchargers - and used together will provide reliable battery charging year round.

We also supply everything you need to complete your system including Solar Charge ControllersRutland Charge ControllersRutland Mounting Kits , solar cable , plug joiners and 12V accessories.

Solar and Wind Power Help 

As with all our solar panelswind chargers  and accessories we are very happy to advise on what you require to meet your needs so please get in touch for friendly help and advice.

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