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Sunware Marine Solar Panels

Posted by in Boats and Campers on Feb 27, 2012 . .

Sunware marine solar panels are the ideal solar panel for your yacht or boat.

From 24W to 69W, SunWare solar panels  are specifically designed for marine use and are built to the very highest quality standard of materials and workmanship. 

Each Sunware marine solar panel is individually tested to industry standards and this is backed up by a 3 year warranty.

SunWare solar panels  have the highest power output to surface area ratio of semi-flexible panels on the market. Their efficient polycrystalline cells convert sunlight to power into your battery so you can have the luxury of cool drinks and keep the essential equipment like the depth sounder running too. 

  • Designed to withstand the rigours of continuous marine use
  • Semi flexible for mounting on slightly curved surfaces (eg deck or cabin roof)
  • Superb quality and efficiency with high output to surface ratio
  • Ideal for use on boats and recreational vehicles
  • Supplied with 3m cable and diode junction box kit

Perfect Solar Panels for Marine Use

The structured Teflon Coated surface can be walked on in deck shoes and is designed to reduce the possibility of slipping even in wet weather.

Sunware marine solar modules  are manufactured with a V4 marine stainless steel substrate that is totally resistant to atmospheric corrosion and salt water.

A clear EVA surface thermally seals the photovoltaic cells and protects against water ingress. 

The back of the panel has a white powder coat finish for extra protection.

Semi-flexible Marine Solar Panels 

SunWare solar panels  are slim line and flexible up to 3% (3cm over 1m) across their length this means you can easily and conveniently place them on gently curved solid surfaces.  

Click on the wattage of panel that suits you below for more details and full specification : 

  • 24W Sunware Solar Panel
  • 36 W Sunware Solar Panel
  • 48 W Sunware Solar Panel
  • 69 W Sunware Solar Panel


Alternatives? Spectralite Marine Solar Panels 

If you are on a budget but still need a good qulaity semi-flexible panel capable of sustained performance in a marine environment please also consider our range of Spectralite solar panels . Spectralite offer great value and quality. 

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