Rutland 1200 Wind Charger

Rutland 1200 Wind Charger
Rutland 1200 Wind Charger Rutland 1200 Wind Charger Rutland 1200 Wind Charger
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The Rutland 1200 is the latest generation turbine designed for users seeking higher generating capacity on board yachts and in off-grid locations.

The Rutland 1200 combines a number of high tech features focused on quiet operation, low windspeed perfromance and high power delivery up to 500W. Comes with the Rutland 1200 Controller which uses Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to maximise outout from both wind and solar inputs.

  • Quiet operation - lets you sleep!
  • Direct savings on fuel ~ reduced engine running time & maintenance
  • Assurance of power for essentials such as navigation, refigeration etc
  • Ideal for long distance cruising.

Why a Rutland 1200?

  • Unrivalled low wind speed start provides more power overall
  • Innovative design to provide durability and longevity
  • Designed to be simple and user friendly

Design Features

  • Unique Tri-namic Profile blades for low wind speed start up and high wind speed power
  • 3 phase AC power from turbine to controller minimises voltage drop
  • Low friction generator
  • MPPT power optimisation from Rutland 1200 Controller (included)
  • Marine grade stainless steel and aluminium for durability

Rutland 1200 Controller Specifications

  • Combine Rutland 1200 with up to 20A of solar panels
  • Dual charging capabilityto 2 separate battery banks
  • MPPT on wind and solar inputs to maximise output
  • Automatic turbine speed reduction as batteries reach capacity
  • Manual shutdown switches for wind and solar
  • LED charge and battery indicators
  • Optional remote digital display
12V or 24V
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Rutland 1200 Specifications

Cut in Windspeed: 2.5 m/s
Output Voltages Available: (Nominal) 12V 24V
Power / Current Ratings: 

5m/s 10knots : 40W (2.9A @ 12V) (1.45A @ 24V)
11m/s 21knots : 290W (21.3 @ 12V) (10.7A @ 24V)
15m/s 29knots : 483W (35.5A @ 12V) (17.76A @ 24V)

Packed Weight & Dimensions: 900 x 390 x 185mm 11.25kg
Generator Type: Low friction 3 phase rare earth magnets, brushless.
Yaw Rotation: Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
Governing Devices: Electronic stalling
Turbine Diameter: 1220mm
Turning Radius: 620 mm
Net Weight: 7.8 kg 17.2lbs

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