Rutland 914i Wind Charger

Rutland 914i Wind Charger
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Whilst being no larger than the hugely popular Rutland 913, the latest Rutland 914i wind charger offers up to 30% more energy to your battery! It is a reliable and durable windcharger that works in all conditions and produces more power than any other comparable wind turbine.

  • Compact yet powerful
  • Delivers more charge to your batteries per day than similar sized chargers
  • Utilises the very latest technology including MPPT
  • Extremely quiet and smooth in operation
  • Aerodynamic styling
  • Total peace of mind and confidence in your wind charger!
Rutland 914i Power Output
The Rutland 914i, whilst being no bigger, produces almost 3 times more power than the older Rutland 913 model! The first 910mm diameter Rutland windchargers produced 50Watts a 10m/s (19 knots) wind speed, the Rutland 913 produces 90Watts at 10m/s but the 914i produces a staggering 140Watts!
The extra power output of the 914i means it will typically produce up to 30% more energy than the highly succesful and popular Rutland 913. This means 30% more charge to your batteries from a wind charger of the same compact size in the same conditions.
Rutland 914i MPPT Technology
The Rutland 914i manages to increase it's power output thanks to the use of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. MPPT allows the efficiency to be maximised by constantly matching generator characteristics to the constantly varying speed of the micro wind turbine.
In short the intelligent use of MPPT technology allows the Rutland 914i to extract more power form the same swept areaof blades. This not only increases effciency but also reduces wear and tear on the windcharger as well.
Compact, quiet, proven and reliable!
Space on board a yacht is always at a premium. The compact size and quiet operation of the Rutland 914i means it is easy to accomodate and live with. The quiet operation coupled with Rutland's proven and trusted reliability mean you can literally sit back and relax whilst the 914i does it's job for you.
914i Charge Controllers
Both the HRSi and HRDi charge regulators are perfect for use with the Rutland 914i.
  • Rutland HRSi Charge Regulator for 914i
  • Rutland HRDi Charge Regulator for 914i
Rutland 914i Mounting Options
The 914i is suitable for use on yachts and boats on the water and also for land based battery charging applications. The Rutland 913 pole mounts, marine kits and land tower mounting kits can all be used with the 914i.
  • Rutland 914i Mounting Kits 
Why not order now?!
Order your Rutland 914i Windcharger today and get ready to enjoy the benefits of excellent performance and peace of mind.
Rutland 914i Kits and friendly help and advice
We are happy to provide as much help and advice as you require in order to get the right Rutland wind charger for your application! Please get in touch if you are not sure what you need and we can advise on everything that is required to complete your system as well as giving installation tips if required.
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