Rutland FM910-4 Wind Charger

Rutland FM910-4 Wind Charger
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The Rutland FM910-4 wind charger (replaces the FM910-3 from 2013) is a powerful and extremely robust wind generator with a proven track record of reliability. 

  • FM910-4 has all benefits of old 910 series windchargers along with new improved aerodynamic shape and latest generating technology
  • Designed to cope in extreme off grid locations 
  • Land based battery charging solution for off grid lighting and power
  • Ideal for remote stables, barns, telecommunications and off grid properties

The Furlmatic FM910-4 Windcharger is a quiet, discreet windcharger that can replace the need to install grid power and even enable the use of appliances at remote locations previously considered unfeasible owing to high grid installation costs.  It is an affordable energy solution that is easy to install and requires only the very minimum of annual inspection/maintenance.  Of course there are also no on-going electricity bills!

FM910-4 Reliability 

Tens of thousands of the original 910 series Rutland have been sold world wide. It can be used almost anywhere as the ideal solution to deliver power at isolated land based applications. 

The Rutland FM910-4 wind generator is so reliable it's been used with no detriment to performance in the extremes of Antartica and the Himalayas! 

FM910-4 Versatility 

The 910-4 is perfect for professional applications such as monitoring, telemetry, communications, isolated agricultural sites, navigation aids, military field applications, rural street lighting and remote homes.

Can also be use for any leisure or non critical land based off grid power system such as holiday chalets, equestrian stables and caravans.

Furlmatic System

The Furlmatic design includes a protective “furling” device in its tail system.  This yaws the turbine at an angle to the prevailing wind at windspeeds above 35mph (15m/s) thus reducing the speed of the turbine and protecting it from the forces of excessive winds and reducing stresses on the turbine and tower.  This is a very simple but effective design perfected by Rutland many years ago and subsequently emulated by others.


Weight 13.1 Kg

Blade daimeter 910mm

Overall length 1153mm

Mounting Solutions

For land based installations a minimum mounting height of 6m is recommended with a minimum of 4 guy wires. The 910-4 requires mounting tube of 41mm internal diameter and 48mm outer diameter. Land tower and rigging kit is available here: Land tower kit for the FM910-4 wind charger




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