Water Powered Desk Calculator

Water Powered Desk Calculator
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Incorporating the revolutionary and patented, H2O powered battery, together with conventional digital technology the Water Ppowered H2O Desktop Calculator offers the user an environmental design solution for a product that is used in every day home or office life.

  • Water Powered Calculator
  • No fading in poor light conditions as with solar power
  • Large digital display and keys
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • For professional, office or home use

Unlike conventional solar powered calculators the H2O Desktop Calculator can be used in all light conditions... no more fading displays at that critical moment.

The H2O batteries are easy to refill and can provide constant power for up to 3 months with just a few drops of water.

Not only is the H2O Desktop Calculator environmentally friendly, innovative and ergonomically designed, it has a large 12 digit display and keyboard and offers all the functions demanded by professional users.

This calculator utilises the replaceable water powered battery (included) which needs to be refilled periodically (typically every 2 to 3 months). The water powered battery has a minimum continuous life of 2 years. We also supply the replacement batteries.

Environmental Benefits of Water Power

As all the components of the H2O battery are recyclable, the benefits over traditional batteries are countless. Every year billions of conventional dry cell batteries are used, and the recycling of such waste is not only expensive but often incomplete, resulting in hazardous pollution and damage to our environment.


For replacement water powered batteries click here.

Sorry... unfortunately water powered batteries are not interchangeable with normal batteries!


Ecofreak Review of Water Powered Desk Top Calculator

We use these H2O calculators in our office and love them. The screen doesn't fade in low light conditions like the solar powered alternatives and the H2O desktop calculator has all the functions and user aids that you would expect from a modern desktop calculator. The water needs to be topped up every few months, but hey, sometimes that is the high point of the day! You can buy and use these calculators with confidence.

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