Efergy Extra Large Sensor

Efergy Extra Large Sensor
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Efergy extra large additonal sensors allow monitoring of electrical installations with cables too large to fit in the standard Efergy sensor clip.

This 20mm extra larger sensor clip can be used with cables with an outer insulated diameter of upto 19mm (the standard Efergy clip  can be used on cables up to 13mm diameter). Maximum current is 140A per clip - so 140A per phase if a 3 phase supply (standard sensor is 90A per clip).

The sensor can easily be plugged into any socket of the three available on the Efergy transmitter. 

If your installation has cables with an outer diamater greater than 13mm but less than 19mm you will need : 

One additional Efergy XL sensor for a single phase installation (to replace the standard sensor).

Three additional Efergy XL sensors for a 3 phase installation.

Efergy Compatability

These extra larger sensors come with an earphone jack type plug as used by all new Efergy Elite and E2 Elink models. Some older models use a different DC plug (these have a hole in the end). If ordering for an old model please check your plug type is compatible.

Delivery Charge

There is no additional delivery charge if up to three additional heavy duty sensors are ordered along with an Efergy Elite or Efergy 2 Elink. The delivery charge for a stand alone order for up to 7 additional heavy duty sensors is £2.95 (incl VAT).


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