Spectralite 5 Solar Charger

Spectralite 5 Solar Charger
Spectralite 5 Solar Charger
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304mm x 254mm. The Spectralite 5W semi-flexible solar panel is ideal for maintaining and replacing natural discharge in deep cycle 12V batteries for leisure applications. Popular with marine users, Spectra solar panels offer durability, reliability and excellent value.

If you have a boat or recreational vehicle that relies on batteries for running electrical lighting and on board electrical devices, you will know how frustrating it can be to arrive to find the batteries are weak or fully discharged.

  • Arrive to be met by fully charged batteries!
  • Extend battery life
  • Peace of mind your batteries are being maintained whilst you are away
  • No running costs
  • Lightweight, efficient, durable and affordable
Flat batteries are at best a nuisance and at worst a hazard. Solve the problem with the abundant natural power of the sun using Spectra solar panel.
Spectralite Solar Features 
  • Semi-flexible
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Sealed junction box and 3m of cable
  • Built in blocking diode
  • Simple to install and maintenance free.
Please note that the Spectralite 5W 12V Solar Charger does not come with crocodile clips or a cigarette lighter plug. The end of the 3 m two core cable terminates with 2 ring type connectors ideal for permanent connection to battery terminals (you can just "fit and forget"). If you require crocodile clips for easy connection and disconnection please ask as we can supply.

Semi-flexible Spectra Solar Power

Spectralite solar panels can be gently flexed to follow the curve of a boat / RV roof or deck. Maximum curve is 3cm over 1m proportionately.

Fix using the 4 screw holes in the panel or using suitable adhesive.

Spectra Construction

Spectra Solar has been designed with the yachtsman in mind and all models share the following important features : 

  • robust design and build - they can even be walked on in soft soled shoes
  • conveniently lightweight and slimline so easily installed
  • sealed junction box with blocking diode and 3m of output cable
  • corner fixing holes sealed with an eyelet for a quality finish 

All solar panels in the Spectralite range are made from efficient and stable crystalline solar cells. The cells are sealed between the lightweight a durable fibreglass back and Tedlar front and are fully weather proof. Tedlar is used as it is light weight, scratch proof and has excellent light transmission properties.

All Spectra solar panels come with a 2 year limited warranty. 

Spectralite Built in diode

The built in diode prevents current flowing out of the battery during hours of darkness, this means that Spectra panels can be connected direct to the battery. Please note asuitable solar charge controller may be required in some circumstances - see below.

What size solar panel do I need?

In the UK we recommend a minimum ratio of 10W (Watts) of solar panel to every 100Ah capacity of battery (so a single 5W Spectralite panel is suitable for maintenance of a 12V battery up to 50Ah capacity). Used at this ratio the solar panel will replace natural battery discharge typically experienced over the winter time.

In the summer the solar panel’s performance increases so a 10W panel has the potential to produce 3 Ampere hours (Ah) per day and therefore 21Ampere hours (Ah) weekly - that’s often enough for a weekend’s cruising electrical needs for lighting etc. 

Most importantly you’ll arrive to a battery that is not flat! 

Do I need a charge controller?

solar charge controller  (solar regulator) will manage battery charging and prevent battery overcharging if the solar panel  is left connected to the battery for long periods unattended.

As a general rule of thumb, if the ratio of 10W of solar panel to every 100Ah of battery is not exceeded a charge controller is not required.

If you do require a solar charge controller the Solsum 5  and Solsum 6.6F  are both suitable for use with the 5W Spectralite panel.

Can I use multiple Spectra panels together?

You can connect Spectra solar panels together - connect in parallel (+ to +, - to -) to increase array wattage at 12V. Connect in series (+ to -, - to +)to increase array voltage (usually to 24V).

These panels are also well suited to use in conjunction with Rutland wind chargers  : Rutland 504 , Rutland 913  and Rutland FM910-3

Spectralite 5 Specification

  • Peak Output 5W
  • Operating Current 300mA
  • OpenCircuit Voltage 20.2V
  • Dimensions 304mm x 254mm x 3mm (depth over junction box 13mm)
  • Gross Weight 0.68kg



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