12V 4W Solar Briefcase

12V 4W Solar Briefcase
12V 4W Solar Briefcase 12V 4W Solar Briefcase 12V 4W Solar Briefcase 12V 4W Solar Briefcase 12V 4W Solar Briefcase
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This 4W Fold Up Solar Panel is a handy 12V solar briefcase trickle charger ideal for preventing battery drain in cars, trucks, caravans, boats, tractors, motorcycles and much more...

  • Charges and maintains any 12V battery
  • Useful for simple and quick "dashboard" solar battery maintenance / trickle charging*
  • Good for winter maintenance (protection against natural battery drain) of batteries up to 40Ah in capacity
  • Come back to a fully charged battery every time
  • Perfect for maintaining batteries on vehicles in winter storage
  • Simple and quick to set up and no mains power required!
  • Easy to stow / store when not in use.
* Please note that the presence of windscreen glass and particularly tinted glass will reduce solar panel performance.
Please note this 4W Briefcase Charger is not intended for permanent external use. For a fully weatherproof solar charger, designed for permanent outdoor installation and use take a look at the OptiMate 10 Solar Charger.
The Optimate 10 and OptiMate 20 Solar Chargers also have higher output and are suitable for charging larger batteries and batteries with drains on them such as alarms and trackers etc.
  • Amorphous 4W solar panel ideal for UK weather conditions and for use behind window glass
  • Folds and clips together for easy transport / storage
  • Built in carry handle
  • Built in stand 
  • Built in blocking diode prevents battery drain at night
  • Battery charging LED indicator (only lights up when delivering charge to battery)
  • Tough ABS outer casing
Whats in the box ?
  • 12V 4W Foldup Solar Briefcase (12V Solar Panel charger)
  • 1.2m (4ft) cable with 12V plug (cigarette lighter type)
  • 1.2m (4ft) cable with crocodile clips
  • Operation instructions
Technical Specifications
  • Peak solar output power : 4W
  • Current (at max power) : 170mA
  • Open circuit voltage : 18V
  • Standard Test Conditions : AM1.5,100mW/100cm2@25degrees C
  • Cigarette lighter plug fuse rating : 5A
  • Dimensions open : 445mm L x 235mm W x 14mm D
  • Dimensions closed : 245mm L x 235mm W x 28mm D
  • Weight 890g  


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