Water Two - Greywater Harvesting Device

Water Two - Greywater Harvesting Device
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The Water Two is a valve which fits into a section of your waste water pipe. With the valve closed the water will flow down the drain as normal, when opened, however, the water is diverted down the hosepipe for direct watering in the garden or for collection into a water butt for later use. 

  • Don't let your plants die of thirst!
  • Water your garden even when there is a hosepipe ban
  • No nonsense, hassle free water recycling
  • Free water for your garden
  • Save water

Provided bath and shower water has cooled it can be used perfectly safely for the watering of your garden. The saved water can also be useful for car washing and some even connect the Water Two directly to their power washer. Hosepipe bans do not apply when using the Water Two! Traditional downpipe diverters for collecting rain water from you roof are great when its raining. When it's not raining is when you really need your water butt filled with water - this is when a Water Two diverter comes into it's own.


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