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Willgen provides power and light in places with no mains electricity. We specialise in providing solar lighting systems for stables and remote buildings but we have a wide variety of customers and also supply solar and wind charging equipment and kits for those seeking reliable off-grid power and lighting solutions.  

We apply our knowledge and experience to provide you with a tailored solution that is effective, reliable and good value. You need no technical knowledge at all – just tell us what you would like to achieve and we will help to refine your idea if necessary and provide a solution.

For larger projects we always provide clear and professional written quotations detailing your requirements, the equipment that we will supply and how you can expect the system to perform.

We supply many kits for customers, or their tradesman, to DIY install. Kits are often bespoke but are always supplied with easy to follow instructions and simple wiring diagrams. We normally pre-wire some elements of our kits and use a simple labelling system to make installation easy and quick. 

Who are you buying from?

Willgen is owned and run by me, William Musson. 

I am a farmer who, as a diversification, has been designing and supplying solar powered and off-grid power and light systems for more than 12 years. I specialise in solar and wind powered lighting and power systems for stables and barns with no mains electricity connection but also help many leisure customers with solar panels and windchargers for boats, campervans and caravans  as well as getting involved with other more unusual lighting and power projects.

I know what works and what doesn’t, I know what’s easy to install and what’s not and I apply this knowledge to make choosing and installing a system as simple and straightforward as possible for my customers. No matter what your off-grid or solar project is I am always happy to provide friendly help and advice. 

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed - my products work as described, are tried and tested and come with full technical back-up and support from myself. 

Here I was in a field of wheat when I started out back in 2007 (I look a bit older now):

A Bit Of History

My background is predominantly in agriculture, both as a farmer and business consultant, but back in 2007 I was looking for a new business venture to run alongside my small farm and, as it seemed to tick all of the right boxes my online shop called Ecofreak was born. 

Ecofreak sold energy saving products, eco products and solar lights and chargers. Increasingly I found I was designing and supplying solar kits to provide power and light in remote locations and selling fewer eco products. As a result the decision to re-brand and re-focus was made and my trading name changed to Willgen in May 2015.

The combination of practical and professional skills I have from day to day farming, consultancy and supplying and installing off-grid power and lighting systems are probably unique and mean I am consistently able to provide an excellent level of service to my wide range of customers.

Online Shop

Following the re-brand to Willgen, the online shop element of the business has been retained, albeit with a new focus on solar and off grid lighting and power products. The online shop is great as it allows customers who know what they want to quickly and conveniently buy our products with the minium of fuss.  

We try and provide as much information as possible on the website so that you can make informed choices and buy with confidence, however if you are unsure or require any guidance please get in touch and we will be glad to help.

We keep most products in stock, despatch orders quickly and efficiently and aim to keep you, the customer, fully informed of progress via e-mail.

Solar and Wind Power 

In addition to the products in the online shop we also design a supply bespoke power and lighting systems for "off-grid" applications. We supply a full range solar photovoltaic panels, wind chargers and balance of system components (many not available on this website so please contact us with your requirements) for battery charging and off grid applications.

If you need clean, dependable, silent power somewhere with no mains supply please get in touch for friendly help and advice based on experience. Because of my farming background I have naturally specialised into "off grid" lighting for barns and stables but past projects have been many and varied and include sign lighting, leisure facilities, beach huts and even art installations.

Marine Solar and Wind Power

We also supply a complete range of marine solar panels and Rutland windchargers ideal for battery charging duties on yachts, narrow boats and pleasure craft.

These solar and wind chargers are also ideal for battery maintenance and charging duties on a wide range of vehicle starting and "domestic" leisure batteries and we regularly supply systems for vehicles, campervans and caravans etc.

Why buy from Willgen?

Willgen is a small business that you can trust to give good advice based on practical knowledge and experience. We provide a personal, friendly and professional level of service and will work with you to provide the right products to meet your needs.

Willgen, Church Farm, Wartnaby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE14 3HU
VAT Number 350339081
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