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12V DC Accessories

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Cable Connector Blocks
Flexible, screw type terminal connector block strip. Strip of 12 connectors Colour neut..
Ex-VAT: £0.96
Continental Fuse - Pack of 5
Pack of 5 continental fuses for 12V DC circuit protection. Suitable for use with our In Line Contine..
Ex-VAT: £0.79
Crimping Tool
Economy crimping tool suitable for the full range of pre insulated terminals and heatshrink pre insu..
Ex-VAT: £4.96
Crocodile Clips
A pair of Durite 25A crocodile clips ideal for temporary connection of a solar panel to a battery. ..
Ex-VAT: £3.29
Crocodile Clips - Insulated
A pair of insulated 90A crocodile clips ideal for temporary connection of a solar panel to a 12V or ..
Ex-VAT: £4.13
In Line Continental Fuse Holder
This in line fuse holder is simple and quick to fit with no special tools or cable connectors requir..
Ex-VAT: £2.46
Junction Box - 60mm Round IP44
Grey, plastic construction with a clip on lid. Functional box with 4 soft cable entries - just punct..
Ex-VAT: £1.63
Junction Box - In Line Connector Box
Easy mounting in-line junction box with 4-pole terminal block suitable for flat and round cable up t..
Ex-VAT: £1.25
Junction Box - Small Cable Connector IP54
Small IP54 rated junction box ideal for joining two or three core 12V DC cable in solar and off grid..
Ex-VAT: £3.29
Plug-in Cable Connector
Join our 2 core cable quickly, easily and securely with these latching plug and socket connectors.&n..
Ex-VAT: £6.63
Quick Release Battery Terminals
With off-grid power it is important to get a good connection to your battery to get the most from yo..
Ex-VAT: £8.29
Schottky Blocking Diode Kit
If you are contacting two or more solar panels in parallel (+ to +, - to - to increase watts for the..
Ex-VAT: £4.13
Wago Connector
Brilliant Wago 221 Lever Splicing Connector blocks with levers - use for quick, easy, tool-less..
Ex-VAT: £0.42
Indoor Switch
This switch is suitable for indoor use in 12V DC lighting systems. We recommend  switching..
Ex-VAT: £4.13
12V PIR Motion Sensor
Passive Infra Red (PIR) motion sensor suitable for use on 12V DC off grid power circuits. Idea..
Ex-VAT: £37.46
12V DC Accessories

An assortment of 12V DC accessories to help you get everything you need to complete your off-grid solar and/or wind power project!

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