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  • 10 Simple Energy Saving Tips Apr 02, 2013

    Here are 10 easy wins that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills. I am almost certain that you will be...

Energy Saving

Energy efficiency is becoming a bigger and bigger issue for us all. The majority of our energy comes from finite, fossil based rerources which are constantly in decline. Unfortunately renewable energy can only do so much and energy costs are rising rapidly and are likely to continue to do so.

Saving energy at home (and work) is common sense! It will help to reduce our global energy requirements and saves money as well. Here at Ecofreak we believe we should all do what we can to save energy, no matter how small our individual contributions. Reducing energy use isn't difficult - it's mostly about a simple change in mindset.

Choose from our range of energy saving products designed to make energy saving easy. Energy Monitors are a great way to start your energy saving journey as they will help you to understand your energy use and measure your savings! We have a great range of Plug-in and Wireless Energy Monitors, Energy Saving Products, Standby Savers, Wind Up and Solar Torches & Radios and even Eco Toys!

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