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Wind-Up Torches and Radios

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Penguin Dynamo Torch
The POWERplus® Penguin is a hand-squeezing flashlight in the shape of a Penguin. Generate powe..
Ex-VAT: £4.13
PowerPlus Bee
Quite simply, the PowerPlus Bee is a powerful and really useful mini wind up torch.&n..
Ex-VAT: £3.29
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PowerPlus Cheetah Wind-up and Solar Radio
Ordinary radios are useless if the power runs out. The PowerPlus Cheetah (formerly Baby Rhino) solar..
Ex-VAT: £16.63
PowerPlus Nighthawk
The PowerPlus Nighthawk is an ultra bright wind-up torch that will always be ready to work whenever ..
Ex-VAT: £16.63
PowerPlus Owl Wind Up Lantern
The POWERplus® Owl is a great dynamo (wind-up) 6 LED camping lantern. Enjoy the freedom of mob..
Ex-VAT: £10.79
PowerPlus Panther Wind-up and Solar Radio
The PowerPlus Panther is a super compact, multifunctional FM radio that can be charged by windi..
Ex-VAT: £20.79
PowerPlus Shark
The PowerPlus Shark is an ultra bright wind-up torch that will always be ready to work whenever you ..
Ex-VAT: £24.96
Wind-Up Torches and Radios

Wind-up and solar powered torches and radios allow you to have power whenever and wherever you need it. Never run out of batteries again! Ideal around thoe house and garden, when travelling, camping or to keep in the car for an emergency! We only sell good quality solar and wind up radios so buy with confidence!

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