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10 Eco Products For Summer

Posted by in Ask Bill, Solar Lights and Chargers on May 18, 2010 . .

Here at Ecofreak we love the summer, however as the British weather is never predictable, when we do get some good weather make the most of it! 

Here are our top ten favourite eco products to help you enjoy your summer, whether your out and about camping, going to a festival or just larging it up with your mates in the garden.

1. Solar Powered Charger

Just because you are in the middle of a field doesn't mean you can't charge your mobile phone or iPod! Get a solar phone charger  such as the Solio solar charger  and you use the free and abundant power of the sun to charge your mobile electronic appliances.

Solio solar charger  

2. Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights

If you are having an outdoor party this summer you must get some outdoor solar fairy lights . They create a fab atmosphere and are super eco friendly  as they charge from the sun in the day and light at night. Of course we don't sell rubbish so can assure you our solar fairy lights  work really well (even in the winter).

White Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights
Coloured Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights  

3. Solar Powered Radio

Why plug in a radio or rely on batteries when you can simply power your radio with solar power . The solar panel  on the Cheetah wind-up radio will charge the internal batteries whilst the radio is left in a sunny spot whilst switched on or off. Perfect for eco camping  or as an eco gift .

4. Solar Powered Torch 

Wind up torches are great but can require some serious winding before use if they have been left unused for a long period. Our solar powered Barracuda wind up torch has an integral solar panel to keep the torch batteries charged up and the torch ready for use as soon as you need it.

5.Wind Up Radio

Music and good times wherever you go with a wind up radio . No mains required! Perfect for that eco camping  trip or just for day to day use around the house and garden.

Rhino Wind Up Radio  

6. Wind Up Torch

We have a good range of eco friendly  wind up torches  but our favourite is the PowerPlus Shark . Waterproof to 10m and very robustly constructed the Shark wind-up torch  will withstand pretty much anything you or the weather can throw at it.

7. Wind Up Camping Lantern 

Wind up power is perfect for camping. The Owl is a great compact Wind-up Camping Lantern  ideal for evenings in your tent.

Owl Wind Up Camping Lantern

8. Wind Up MP3 Player

If you like music on the move what could be better than a wind up MP3 player ? A perfect eco gift for a free spirit!

Verio Wind Up MP3 Player


9. Solar Garden Light

If you are using the garden more through the summer a solar gaden light  can really add ambiance to a garden at night. Use the Solar Garden Spotlight  to illuminate features such as trees or statues to provide atmosphere or simply to stop you falling down the steps when you have had a few drinks!

Solar Garden Spotlight  

10. Solar Camping Light 

Sometimes when eco camping  you  just long for some of the comforts of home. Turning on a light at the flick of a conveniently placed switch with the Solar Mate 0.5 solar light . Comes with a handy remote control switch so you can turn on and off from your bed or wherever really.

Solar Mate .5 Solar Light


Of course, if you can't justify it for yourself, all of the above make perfect eco gifts  for friends and family! 

Whatever you do, please enjoy your summer! Party on dudes.... 

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