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A solar charger can keep your devices going

Posted by in Eco Products, Solar Lights and Chargers on Feb 14, 2013 . .

By using solar chargers to give your device some life, you are reducing your carbon footprint as well as many other things such as making use of the abundant power of the sun.

With many of us carrying and using gadgets such as ‘phones, MP3 Players and such like on a daily basis, it was just a matter of time before the world started to look for alternative ways to charge up these devices whilst you are out and about without the use of a mains power supply because let’s face it, many people run out of battery at a crucial time.

These chargers seem to be an attractive choice to parents of teenage children who own devices such as i-pods and mobile ‘phones especially since many parents feel that it is important that they are in contact during the course of the day. At least now, parents can relax a little when their precious child leaves home in the morning knowing that if the battery is low or even runs out on their mobile, they can simply re-charge it with little hassle and keep in touch.


Here at Ecofreak, we try our very best to provide you with an array of cheap solar chargers  that can be used with all of your modern gadgets. We like to think that no one is excluded in making a difference to the safety of our planet. Below are a few of the different types of charges that we sell all of which are perfect to give as birthday presents and Christmas gifts and are extremely handy to have knocking around at the bottom of your bag for those “just in case” moments!

Free-loader Solar Charger  – there is a choice of two chargers in this range: the classic solar charger and the Free-loader Pro. Both of these chargers are priced very reasonably and come with a number of useful accessories.

Power Monkey Solar Charger – this handy charger comes complete with solar slave which is designed to be hung from a ruck sack, window or left in the car to charge so you always have power when you most need it. It is compact, tough, reliable and compatible with most mobile ‘phones.

So invest in one of these little power pocket rockets and ensure that you have the use of your device

wherever you go. You will find them an excellent choice of gift for a relative, sibling or friend and

you will be so impressed by the effectiveness, you may even pop one in the basket for yourself.

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