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Posted by in Off Grid Solar and Wind on Jul 03, 2018 .

As you have probably discovered, 12V DC lighting options can be rather limited and prices tend to be a little higher than 230V AC ("mains powered") lights. 

12V DC lighting is quite specialist and availability tends to be limited to a few specialist suppliers (such as ourselves). Because volumes of sales are low, production costs are higher and these are often reflected in the price (sorry!).

12V DC lighting forms an important part of our off-grid solar lighting businesss and over the years we have had to find and source many different types of 12V DC and 24V DC lighting. Here at Willgen we carry stock of a range of 12V DC bulbs and...

12V solar chargers are perfect for year around maintenance of 12V car and vehicle starting batteries and caravan/boat (leisure) batteries. But which is best for you?

There are numerous 12V solar trickle chargers available and choosing the right one can be difficult. Cheap is tempting but not always cheerful and who should you believe when it comes to performance and quality?!

Well worry no more. Here is Willgen's definitive guide to choosing the right 12V solar battery charger for all year round battery maintenance.

What's Best For...?

Before we get into the detail, if you are looking for a quick pointer in the right...

Posted by in Off Grid Solar and Wind on Feb 14, 2013 .

If you have ever wondered if solar power could be the answer to your off grid power needs you need to speak to us!

Here at Ecofreak we have been designing, supplying and installing off grid (mains power free) solar and wind power systems for many years and we have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to ensure you get a solar power system that will work effectively and reliably for you for many years to come.

Please contact us  if you have an off grid solar or wind power project that you would like help with.

Past projects include solar and wind power for: 

  • Equestrian stables
  • Agricultural barns
  • Mobile...
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