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Optimate Solar Charger for Motorcycle

Posted by in Ask Bill on Aug 15, 2019 . .

Customer question (received via email 14th August 2019):

I'm looking for a solar charging system for my motorbike which is kept in a garage with no mains power. I have seen the OptiMate 10W Solar Charger (OP10) on you website. Do you think this would do the job. Do i need anything else in the way of connections to attach to the bike? Also is there a mounting bracket or anything available?

Thanks Chris

Willgen Reply (Email from Bill 15th August 2019): 

Hi Chris,

many thanks for getting in touch.

The Optimate 10 is ideal for maintaining your 12V motorcycle battery.

The Optimate 10 comes with a weatherproof battery lead (OptiMate O1) which has ring connectors for permanent battery connection and also with crocodile clips for temporary battery connection. Both are easy to connect & disconnect to the solar panel charge controller with the plug and socket included.

The total length of cable from solar panel to battery is approx 3.5m (solar panel to charge controller 2m + charge controller and cable 1m + connection lead 0.5m) so you may require an extension cable. The Optimate O13 extension cable is 4.6m long and simply plugs in in between the solar panel and charge controller.

There aren't any mounting brackets available but the solar panel has two holes at each corner to enable mounting. The 10W solar panel can be secured with cable ties or screwed or bolted to a wall or roof using these mounting holes.

Links to products:

    Optimate 10:
    Optimate Extension Cable:

I hope that this helps. Everything above currently in stock and ready for rapid despatch on receipt of order.

Kind regards


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