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Solar Battery Charger for 2008 VW Beetle

Posted by in Ask Bill on Jan 20, 2016 . .

Customer question (received by email 15th January 2016):

I am interested in a solar battery charger which would be mounted on an outside wall of a garage to keep a 2008 VW Beetle battery charged. Does the charger come with mounting brackets and if a longer cable is ordered does it affect the charge.
Thank you Steve

Willgen Reply (email from Bill sent 18th January 2016):

Hi Steve, many thanks for getting in touch.

I am assuming you are looking at the 5W or 10W charger:

  5W Solar Panel Kit

  10W Solar Panel Kit

The solar panels have four pre-drilled holes in the back of the aluminuim frame to aid mounting and the solar panel kits are supplied with four strong cable ties and "cradles" that can be screwed to the wall to secure the solar panel. Alternatively you can use our "z" mounts to aid mounting or fabricate some mounts yourself.

It's advisable to keep the cable run between the solar panel and battery as short as possible to minimise any voltage drop along the length of the cable. With a 5W or 10W solar panel 1mm cable will be fine up to 20m or so, if you need a longer cable run it would be advisable to go up to 2mm cable - let me know and I can supply kit with 2mm cable for you if required, otherwise order online and any additional cable ordered will be added to the 5m supplied with the kit and included as a single length.

I hope that this helps.

Kind regards


Subsequent correspondence led Steve to enquire about a bespoke 2 vehicle kit:

Hi Steve,
thanks for the sketch and calls yesterday and apologies for not getting back to you yesterday afternoon.
Based on your sketch and what we discussed you will require:
Beetle Only:
1 x 10W solar charger kit £38.95 (just reduced price from £46.95 & includes croc clips etc and I will pre-wire into back of solar panel for you)
1 x set  "z" mounts for solar panel £15.95
1 x Sunguard charge controlled £30.95 - will supply with crimp terminals or choc blocks connectors to suit you
7m extra 1mm cable £7.00
standard UK delivery £8.95
TOTAL £101.80 including VAT
Extras for charging vehicle other side of garage:
8m x 1.5mm cable (put plug socket 2-3m along bike charging cable so will reach) £10.00
2 x latching plug sockets @ £7.95 each = £15.90
1 x fuse holder £2.95
1 x pair crocodile clips £3.95
Extra £32.80 including VAT 
Everything is here in stock and ready to go.
If you would like to go ahead, you can order online if you would like to (I can send links to products if required), pay by card over the phone or I can send our bank details and you can pay by electronic bank transfer.
Kind regards

He then upgraded to a 20W solar panel:

Hi Steve, thanks for calling again on Friday.
If you wanted to upgrade to the 20W panel the total price for "Beetle Only" increases by £15.95 from £101.80 to £117.75. It makes sense to use the bigger panel as long as its size isn't an issue for you.
Panel dimensions are:
10W: 397mm L x 280mm W x 25mm D
20W: 638mm L x 278mm W x 25mm D

All here in stock - will despatch as soon as payment received. 
Kind regards


And the Result:

Hi Will

Just thought I would let you know I've just been to the garage and checked how the car battery is doing, and it started first time after 4 days in cloudy, rainy weather. Well impressed as before the battery was so flat the ignition lights went out if you turned the key.

Have put a link to your website on our facebook page as quite a few people have bikes and cars in garages with no power.

Regards Steve

Another happy customer :-)

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