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Solar Lights For Stables

Posted by in Eco Products, Stables and Barns on Nov 04, 2013 . .

Stables and field shelters are often located in fields some distance form any mains electrical power.

Checking horses before and after work often mean working in the dark, particuarly in the winter months.

Lights powered by solar panels  do not need any mains electric and can provide all the light that you need.

The chepest option is to go for something like a SolarMate Point 5   or Vortex Solar Shed Light , however, these do have limited run times and output particularly in mid winter when you need most light. Many customers get around this by purchasing 2 solar lights and using them alternate days.

A better  solution is to install a 12V lighting system , run from a 12V leisure battery charged by a solar panel  or solar panels . This can be sized to suit your specific requirements and different lighting options are available different sizes and types of stable. 12V DC LED floodlights  provide the brightest light for the lowest power use and so are a good option.

Solar Mate Lighting Kits  are one option. Even better is to get in touch and we will put together a DIY solar lighting kit specifically to meet your requirements with everything you need for simple DIY installation. We probably have more experience than anyone else with installing and supplying kits of this kind aimed specifically at the equestrian market.

Please get in touch for friendly help and advice on an Ecofreak solar lighting kit for your stable!

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