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Posted by in Eco Products, Stables and Barns on Nov 04, 2013 .

Stables and field shelters are often located some distance from any mains electrical power.

Checking horses before and after work often means working in the dark, particuarly in the winter months.

Lights powered by a 12V battery charged with a solar panel do not need any mains electric and can reliably and silently provide all the light that you may need.

Often cheap, boxed solar lights look like a good idea but all too often they are not designed for daily winter use in the UK, are not very bright and let you down when you need them most.

A better  solution is to install a 12V lighting system , run from a 12V leisure battery...

We have just added a new Solar Security Light to our range and it is already proving extremely popular! The big selling point for the Eye Solar Security Light is it's high level of protection from water ingress allowing it to be installed in even the most exposed positions in these (often) wet and windy isles. 

The Evo36 and Evo56 are great solar security lights but it is recommended that they are installed in sheltered positions to ensure long term outdoor performance. The Eye boasts IP56 rating which means it is one of the most waterproof solar lights available today. IP56 means that it is fully protected against ingress of dust...

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