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Solar Charger for Motor Mover

Posted by in Ask Bill, Solar Lights and Chargers on Jun 05, 2021 . .

Customer question (received via email 25th April 2021):

Hello, I’m looking for a solar panel to charge the battery on a car transporter trailer with a motor mover (because I struggle to move the trailer manually to fit it on the towbar).  The trailer lives in a campsite secure storage area with no access to mains when I’m not using it, and on campsites when I’ve used it to tow my pre-war car to events.   So I need something that will ensure I have a charged battery when I come to use the trailer - but that won’t over-charge it it.  Can you suggest something suitable?

Willgen Reply (Email from Bill 26th April 2021):

Hi Aileen,

Many thanks for getting in touch.
I would recommend using an Optimate Solar Charger to keep the battery charged and maintained ready for powering the motor mover. 
The size of solar charger you need really depends on where you intend/are able to mount the solar panel. Ideally the solar panel should be positioned outside in an un-shaded South facing position. The solar panel doesn’t have to be permanently mounted on the trailer it can be connected up when the trailer is parked up and disconnected and stowed away when on the move.
If the solar panel can be well positioned (as described above) I would recommend an Optimate 20 Solar Charger.
If the solar panel position is not ideal, for example poor orientation or shading then a larger solar charger may be required. 
I am happy to advise further if you provide more details. 
Unfortunately we cannot currently supply the standard Optimate 20 (stock is not available due to covid related supply/demand issues) but we do have stock of the Optimate 20 Travel Kit which is exactly the same but comes with suction cups for mounting the solar panel to a window and a bag to stow the solar panel in when not in use (useful additions in any event).
Links to suggested products below:

Depending on where you intend to mount the solar panel you may also require an extension cable to install between the solar panel and charge controller: Optimate 4.6m Extension Cable (the kit comes as standard with 2m of cable from solar panel to charge controller - the optional extension cable is 4.6m long).
The Optimate kits and accessories are very easy to DIY install and use and come with "plug and play" connectivity. Each solar charger is supplied with a set of leads to permanently to connect to the battery and also a set of crocodile clips for temporary connection to the battery (also to allow the solar charger to be temporarily connected to a different battery if required). The solar charger can be easily connected and disconnected from the permanent leads and the crocodile clips thanks to an in-line plug/socket arrangement.
The solar charger also comes with a charge controller that manages the charging process and prevents damage of the battery from overcharging; this also doubles up as a battery state of charge monitor at night time or when the solar panel is disconnected. 
I hope that this helps. If you have any questions please ask. If you would like to place an order please order online at or give me a call to place an order over the phone (please leave a message if no answer on landline and I will get back to you as soon as possible).
Kind regards



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